Pastor's Message

                                 "The Death of Harambe and the 2016 Election"

The recent death of "Harambe that the Gorilla" at the Cincinnati Zoo and ensuing controversy is symbolic that "Harambe" -- a Swahili word for "pulling & working together" -- has died in our national discourse.  However, pulling together in the spirit of Harambe is particularly important and especially as we approach the 2016 election. As a nation, we need to elect candidates - both nationally and locally -- who will bring us together and enact legislation that will ensure a good future for our children.
As DC heads to the polls on this Tuesday, we must remember that elections matter -- and especially for us as people of faith. The Scriptures underscore the importance of good governance and also show that wise leaders uphold justice and the common good. Evaluating candidates and then voting is essential to our democracy and faith. Here are the top four reasons why you should exercise your right to vote:
1) One vote really does make a difference. This year's city council, congressional and presidential races are expected to be extremely close  - some may even result in run-offs. Remember, your vote can determine the course of legislative and executive action.
2) It's your money. Our selection of representatives ultimately determines the allocation of resources for a range of public services, putting your tax dollars to work. Not only should you vote for the candidate you believe most effective, but it is your duty to make him or her accountable once in office.
3) Voting promotes change. It is our opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in our communities, lives, and our children's future. Our representatives play a vital role in determining the level of support for health care, college funding and small business financing, among other areas.
4) It's your sacred right. For African Americans, voting should hold special significance since generations have fought and died for this right that was promised and protected by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  However, with voting rights now under assault- it is more important than ever to exercise this sacred right!
Peace and Blessings!
Pastor Kip Banks, Sr.


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