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CarShare, Earthquakes, Membership

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This email contains news and updates about:
  • Growth and Effect of San Francisco Car Sharing Program
  • Earthquake Preparedness
  • Cow Hollow Association Membership Drive

Car Sharing Program


The San Francisco Municipal 

Transportation Agency (SFMTA) 

created a Car Sharing Policy and 

Pilot Project in July, 2013 with the 

stated goals:  

  • To better utilize transportation demand management strategies, improve parking management, and make transit, walking, and bicycling more attractive
  • To expand the availability of car sharing across San Francisco, increase the usage of car sharing, and preserve or increase choice of car share organizations (CSOs) 

The car sharing organizations currently approved for this SFMTA pilot program are Zip Car and City Carshare which own fleets of cars for car sharing.  Also included is Getaround, which is a peer-to-peer service. Currently, these CSOs are renting parking spaces in city-owned parking lots and from non-city owned spaces such as motels, gas stations and private residences.  The exception is a small pilot program for renting street parking spaces from the city for 12 spaces by City Carshare.  


We have been working with Supervisor Farrell to understand which spots are being designated in our neighborhood. To date we have been able to relocate and limit spaces in Cow Hollow to two or less. Read Full Article.


Earthquakes are Better at a Distance



The Earthquake that shook the town of Napa at the end of last month was serious for many living in that area. Fortunately no one was killed, but many were injured and needed medical treatment. The emergency service personnel responded quickly. By the time people got out to see the damage, the worst areas were taped off and being cleaned up.


We all feel lucky that this quake didn't hit our city, but what have we learned from it? What if this had been our 6.0 earthquake? Answer these questions to see if you are prepared. Read Full Article. 


Cow Hollow Association (CHA) Membership Drive


On October 1 our Membership Committee embarked on a Fall campaign to attract new members. Membership in the Association is now $35.00 a year and runs from our annual meeting in May through the following April. 


This mid-year campaign will invite new members to pay $50 ($15 for the balance for the current fiscal year plus $35 for the next year starting May 2015 through April 2016).  Renewal letters went out October 1st, and were customized for lapsed members, owners who are in the midst of property renovation, neighbors affected by those renovations, and new Cow Hollow property owners.


The CHA is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the residential character and quality of life of the Cow Hollow neighborhood.  CHA stands up for the interests of Cow Hollow residents with the many federal, state and local governmental agencies whose decisions directly impact the quality of life of us all. CHA is one of the most active and effective neighborhood organizations in the City and leverages its all-volunteer efforts through active engagement with other neighborhood organizations.  We work on issues related to zoning, traffic, parking, Presidio development, Lombard Street, safety and much more.  Supporting CHA helps us support you.  Contact us, let us know your concerns.  Thank you.

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Cow Hollow Association
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