Jefferson City is America's "Most Beautiful" Small Town

Nearly 200 years ago the sleepy village of Lohman's Landing was chosen as the new state capital of Missouri and came to be known as Jefferson City. Just a trading post at the time, the site was valued for its proximity to the Missouri River, its picturesque rolling hills and its bluff to bluff beauty.


Today, visitors streaming into Jefferson City via plane, train, car, bike or foot are still captivated by the majestic Missouri River and tree lined bluffs.  Jefferson City's beauty shines not only through its natural landscape, but also through the many historic buildings and special landmarks. The Missouri State Capitol, Supreme Court Building, Governor's Mansion and charming Downtown are just a few of the architectural treasures that anchor this unique community, a real gem tucked away in the heart of the nation.  


The friendly, reinvigorated Downtown is Jefferson City's soul. The same pioneering spirit embedded in the designs of our downtown historic buildings is alive in the urban entrepreneurism that has emerged in recent years.  You can feel the energy and optimism in the patterned sidewalks lined with trees, hanging baskets overflowing with flowers and coordinated lighting and benches.  Numerous sidewalk dining venues and coffee shops allow shoppers and workers to linger to enjoy conversation with friends while basking in the sunshine and breeze coming from the Missouri river. 


Jefferson City's allure is not limited to its Downtown. Neighborhoods in every direction hold sturdy brick homes and storefronts from the last century - now preserved and kept in use. The Ash Street entertainment district to the east holds our first microbrewery and hosts a bocce league where friends "compete" nightly. The Old Munichburg district to the south maintains its German heritage with renovated buildings and events. An extensive system of walking and biking trails link these neighborhoods through natural settings.  The recent addition of a pedestrian/bike bridge connects the city to Missouri's most popular outdoor tourist attraction, the Katy Trail.


The beauty of this capital city goes beyond the natural landscape and brick and mortar. The citizens who reside here are warm, welcoming and embrace the proud history of Jefferson City making visitors feel at home.  They collaborate to find ways to enhance our community and make it an even better place. Jefferson City has evolved from a political town in the last century to a vibrant city with its own identity, replete with culture, personality and fun events.  


Two hundred years ago they were impressed by this river city's potential. Come today and you'll be impressed by its growth and historical charm. Come five years from now, and who knows what incredible things you'll see. We guarantee this: Jefferson City's captivating beauty and charm will capture a permanent place in your heart!     

Essay written & submitted by Ryan Burns, Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau. Special thanks to Stephanie Bell & John Landwehr for their
valuable contributions, input and edits.


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