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ROW worker
Old man winter
The winter storms have come and gone and we can safely say we survived without a large outage. Many thanks to all of our right-of-way (ROW) crews for their hard work clearing the paths around the power lines and easements. Maintaining these areas contributes a great deal to the prevention of outages caused by falling limbs during storms like we just experienced. 

"These men did a great job. I can't complain," shares James Kirkwood, GreyStone member. "They did exactly what they said they would do, cleaning up really well after the job and in record time. I was surprised when I looked back out the window and it was all cleaned up."

It takes a lot of planning to schedule ROW crews and locations. Clearing the more than 6,700 miles of power lines that we have takes years to complete. As we continue through the miles of line, crews are currently working in areas within our service area in an effort to minimize future outages related to trees or underbrush. As we come to your area, please cooperate with our crews so they can work efficiently to get your ROW cleared. 

ROW Tour Schedule
  • 30 Day:
    • From Big A Rd. to Central Church Rd., Hwy. 5, Bearden Rd., Bright Star Rd.
  • 60 Day: 
    • Berea Rd., Mason Creek Rd., Pool Rd.
  • 90 Day:
    • Post Rd., Pool Rd., Daniel Mill Rd.
If your ROW needs trimming, please contact us at 770-942-6576.
Ready. Set. Vote.

My how fast time flies! It's almost that time of the year again when you get to exercise your right as a member to vote for three seats on the Board of Directors at this year's Annual Meeting on Oct. 10!

This year, eligible GreyStone members will have the opportunity to elect directors for three director districts: District 1 (generally consisting of Northern Paulding county and Bartow County); District 4 (generally consisting of Eastern Carroll County and Western Douglas County); and District 8 (generally consisting of Western Douglas County).

Two directors have announced that they will not seek re-election this year: Calvin Earwood in District 1; and Burnell Redding in District 4. Jim Johns, director from District 8, intends to seek re-election.


To become a candidate for election as a director of GreyStone, you must be a member in good standing, live within the District 1, 4 or 8, and meet all other qualifications set forth in Section 4.02 of the Bylaws. A more precise description of the districts may be found in Section 4.04 of the Bylaws. The Bylaws may be found at or may be obtained from any GreyStone office.

Boy, did it get cold!
Though we haven't had much of a winter this year with the warm temperatures, when this past storm hit, it left a memorable impression; one that we will remember next month when the bills come in. 

With temperatures reaching down in the teens, heating systems and portable heaters had to work harder than usual to keep us warm, resulting in more energy consumption than usual.

When you review your March bill, you will find an increase in consumption. Remember, this increase reflects the amount of energy used within your home during these earlier cold spells, and higher use translates into higher electric bills.

If you are concerned about the increase, we have several resources that can help:
How-to book can help you save more! Read online now!
  • Energy efficiency resources - Energy saving tips to help reduce energy use during the winter months. You can also visit for more tips.
  • Levelized billing plan - Level out your monthly electric costs over a 12-month period. Must meet eligibility requirements.
  • Home energy calculator - The Together We Save, Save Energy Save Money smartphone app can help you determine how much energy is being used for items on a hourly, daily and weekly basis. 
  • Energy audits - Speak with one of our qualified Residential Energy Services or Commercial Marketing Representatives to see if you qualify for a free energy audit. Residential audits, contact 770-370-2252; commercial audits, contact 770-370-2296.
  • Payment extensions - If you are not able to pay your entire bill, you may qualify for an extended payment date, which is available via phone or by logging into your account at
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Amanda Busby
eConnect Editor, Public & Member Relations Coordinator
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