Below freezing
Winter high bill alert
The Polar Vortex hits home
Old Man Winter has visited us in a number of ways this year, giving us a number of record-breaking cold days with record-breaking amounts of electricity used. As a result of the colder than usual temperatures, your home's heating system had to work harder than usual to keep you warm, leading to more energy consumption. 

Don't be alarmed when you review your February bill and find an increase. Remember, this increase reflects the amount of energy used in January during the cold spells.  

If you are concerned about the increase we have several resources that may help.

Find ways to reduce your energy usage during the winter months.

Level out your monthly electric costs over a 12-month period.
Must meet eligibility requirements.

Determine how much energy you are using.

Speak with one of our qualified Residential Energy Services Representatives to see if you qualify for a free home energy audit.
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Click for a better look at the process.
Weather Connection App
When storms hit nearby, have you ever wished you knew about it immediately? Now you can! With the Touchstone Energy Weather Connection app you can take comfort in knowing you will be notified as storms approach any of your previously designated locations. 

App downloads are free for iPhone and Droid users; however, to unlock the premium package (a $9.99 value free for members) you will need a special code. This premium package features audible alerts, watches and warning map layers, in addition to social media streams. 

Don't get caught off guard. Take advantage of this free benefit to you as a GreyStone Power member. 

Please include your name and mailing address so we can get your code to you upon request. You can also call 770-370-2273. If leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly, leaving your complete name, mailing address and phone number should we need to contact you.
Storm Restoration
I think all would agree that we have experienced some crazy weather over the past few months. From temperatures hitting the arctic numbers, to heavy winds and rivers of rain, each of these elements can play a roll in a major outage. When outages do occur, do you know how electricity is restored? Take a look at the process to see what GreyStone Power linemen do in order to make sure your lights come back on.

The process is not always a fast one, but can involve many different steps and many different people in order for the restoration to be complete.

In the meantime, there are several things you can do to remain safe.
  • Stay away from fallen power lines. If you see any, report them to us immediately by calling 1-866-GREYSTONE (473-9786).
  • Keep your refrigerator/freezer closed. Be mindful of perishable food.
  • Use portable generators ONLY as directed. Make sure they have been installed properly by a licensed electrician. If not installed and used properly the outcome could be deadly as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire or electrocution. 
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