July 2013
Volume 1  /  Number 6

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Concerns grow about President's plan
OEOF logo As I'm sure you've read and seen in news reports, President Obama recently announced his Climate Action Plan to the nation. 

Cooperative leaders are reacting to the proposed requirements to further cut carbon emissions. The availability of affordable, reliable power to members will be significantly affected, with electric bills, related products and services rising as much as 15 to 26 percent.

Get a preview of what's to come in the August issue of The GreyStone Report. GreyStone Power President/CEO Gary Miller shares his thoughts about the recent announcement and how this change will impact our members in the days and years to come.

Miller calls for a balance between environmental responsibility and the need to keep power affordable and reliable. "We need to be aware that this federal mandate will raise the cost of energy. We need the President to work with us, not against us, to address our nation's energy needs," he said.

We need YOUR help! Let your voice make a difference! We urge you to stay up-to-date on this issue in order to defeat this new regressive climate tax on America. Let your elected officials know where you stand and voice your opinion. Your opinion matters!

Sign up today to
STAY INFORMED and TAKE ACTION to keep your electric bills manageable!

WIN BIG is back!
Beginning July 1 through Oct. 31, members will once again have the opportunity to participate in the WIN BIG contest.   

Members who use a combination of select self-service options for a minimum of three consecutive months will be eligible for the random drawing.

The grand-prize winner will receive a 16GB iPad mini. Second and third prize winners will receive a bill credit ranging from $75 to $100. The drawing will take place in November. 

To become eligible or to learn more about the WIN BIG contest visit

Fraud Alert for EMC Security
Stop sign_man holding
Members continue to be on the alert! Since our last issue, we have heard from several members, telling us that they were in fact approached by a salesman claiming to be an EMC Security representative. Because of our alert, they were able to handle the situation calmly.

The scammers may still be out there, so continue to beware in the event someone approaches you claiming to be an EMC Security representative. They are offering to upgrade the customer's system only to swindle the customer into signing a five-year contract with a higher monthly rate with a completely different alarm company. These salesmen travel door-to-door coming to Georgia every year to take advantage of customers. The harm is not the door-to-door sales, but the misrepresentation of EMC Security personnel and product and deception to the customer.

Be sure to contact EMC Security if you are approached by these scammers. Please know that EMC Security will never send anyone to a customer's home without their knowledge. EMC Security believes a reputable security company should take all possible precautions to help protect customers. If you have any questions or if you have been approached by a scammer, please contact EMC Security at 770-963-0305.
Where are you going?
Does summertime mean a lot of travel and activity for you and your family? Perhaps a visit to see family or friends, new adventures to take or just a relaxing time at the beach. No matter what the event, there are a lot of expenses to incur to make it happen.

Did you know that amidst all this hustle and bustle, you could still save money by using the Co-op Connections Card (CCC)? It's true! Not only can you save while planning your trip with lodging and rental car discounts, but if your destination has businesses that participate in the CCC program with their electric cooperative, you can use your GreyStone card and save there too!

Also, don't forget to use to save on grocery items that you take on your adventure and the
 over 300 local businesses that can help make your trip happen. To learn more about deals in your area, visit online at   


Energy Hair Studio & Spa
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Appliance Parts Service, Inc.
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10% off parts with repair.  
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13% off retail price for cash items. Not applicable for healthcare insurance claims.
Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 770-949-2295
10% off in-store purchase; $100 off new liner install; $150 off new above ground pool; or $200 off new in ground pool.
Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 678-838-9000 
15% off total purchase.
*Request your Co-op Connections Card today by calling 770-370-2383. 
Heavy rains result in line damage
ROW-Broken tree by line
In years past, we have suffered through many summer droughts. Not this year! It seems as though the rain just keeps coming. So much so, the ground simply can't absorb any more and many areas have begun flooding.

This summer phenomenon has resulted in a number of power losses for our members. Even if the sky is sunny, the ground may still be wet, causing many green trees to lose their rooted support and fall across a power line or even break the power pole.

When a tree limb or the tree itself cross a power line, a surge of power causes the fuse to blow or worse, a line to break. The fix is not always as simple as replacing the fuse. There are a number of steps and safety measures that must be followed when restoring power. 

pole diggingIf poles are broken, they have to be replaced. Crews must first dig an area to place the new pole in and set the pole. Once completed, they need to reset the power lines atop this new pole. Having recently seen this process take place firsthand, I can fully appreciate the work our linemen do. It's not as simple as a "plug-and-play" job. There are a lot of safety precautions that must be taken during each step or someone's life could be lost. Dealing with high voltage is dangerous business, and our crews are trained to do just that. 
Since we are also talking about outages that can occur during nice weather, it is important to note that animals or even car wrecks coming into contact with the poles or power lines can also lead to a power surge or outage. In either case, if power is out, linemen are immediately sent to determine the cause and restore service.
To learn more about power restoration, visit
Energy efficiency tip of the month
Lighting accounts for about 13 percent of the average household's electric bill--cut costs by choosing new light bulbs that have increased output and longevity. Some cost more up front, but prices are dropping as technology advances. Options include color, brightness and even dimming and multiway functions. Combining lights with automatic sensors can cut costs further.

--Source NRECA's Cooperative Research Network 
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Amanda Busby
eConnect Editor, Public Relations & Communications Specialist
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