February 2013
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2013 call center hours
Effective Jan. 2, 2013 our Call Center hours changed. Representatives are available to assist you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our automated phone service, website and outage reporting services are available 24/7.

As an added incentive for using self-service, we will reward four lucky members in the form of a bill credit ranging from $50 to a Grand Prize of a bill-free month (up to $400). For eligibility requirements READ MORE.
On tour now!
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Storms can happen any time, and when they do, they often result in a few downed trees or limbs which can knock out the power for hundreds of members. 

Maintaining a clear path around the power lines, or "right-of-way" (ROW) easement, can help prevent this from happening. It is also important to clear the underbrush which can interfere with the repair and maintenance of the lines. Right-of-way trimming is not a quick task, and can take years for our crews to clear the more than 6,400 miles of power lines so that we can safely deliver reliable service to you. 

For your convenience, we have listed the upcoming schedule for the first quarter of 2013. As we come to your area, please cooperate with our crews so they can work efficiently to get your ROW cleared. 

ROW Tour Schedule
30 Day:
Cardell, South Gordon, Dillon, Austell, Clay, Fontaine, Nickajack, Cooper Lake and King Springs Roads, East West Connector and surrounding area.

60 Day: Flint Hill, Ewing, McDuffy, Anderson Mill, West Side, Oglesby, Lewis and Hiram Lithia Roads and surrounding area.

90 Day: Brownsville, Hiram Lithia, Hollowman, Brown, Sullivan, Humphries Hill and Meadows Roads and surrounding areas.

If your ROW needs trimming, please contact us at 770-942-6576. 

Are you prepared?
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Now that we are in the midst of winter, we never know how mother nature will act. Will it be mild like the winter of 2012, or harsh like 2011? Regardless, it's always good to think ahead and prepare for the storms that await us. In doing so, many of you may have thought about purchasing a generator.

Portable generators can be very helpful to consumers during outages; however, each year the death toll rises because of improper installation and placement of generators. Generator owners may be at risk of electrocution, fire injury, property damage or carbon monoxide poisoning if the necessary safety rules are not followed. It is extremely important to have a licensed electrician install any equipment that is necessary to safely connect a generator to your home.

A hazard that many overlook is that of harming our employees. A generator connected to a home's wiring or plugged into a regular household outlet can cause backfeeding along power lines and electrocute anyone who comes in contact with them-- even if the line seems dead.

Before installing your generator, it's important to know all of the risks involved for you, your family and even utility crews working on lines miles from your house.

Top hazards associated with generators: 
  1. Shocks and electrocution
  2. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  3. Fire hazards
  4. Noise and vibration hazards
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By logging in and creating a profile, you will now be able to bookmark your favorite offers. Our business owners will also have the ability to create a login profile and connect directly to their accounts, allowing them the ability to update their offer to you more frequently throughout the year. 


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Amanda Busby
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GreyStone Power
of the Month
Sleek, new flat-panel TVs can consume almost as much electricity as a refrigerator. In general, the bigger the screen, the more  power it draws, and HD pulls more too. Plasma screens use the most energy, while LCD TVs use much less. And remember to change your new TV's default settings to a power-saver mode, and turn down the LCD backlight to save energy without sacrificing picture quality.

                                                                Source: Cooperative Research Network 
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