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Cristina Balli, Austin


Lynn Barnett, Abilene



Amy W. Baskin, Tyler


Cathy Neece Brown, Fort Worth


Boyce Cabaniss, Esq., Austin


Laurette Canizares, Houston


Mary Grace Carroll, Laredo


Megan Crigger, Austin


Catherine Cuellar, Dallas


Cissy Segall Davis, Houston


Linda Donahue, Lubbock


Ben Fyffe, El Paso



Jonathon Glus, Houston


Chris Heinbaugh, Dallas


Danny Holeva, Midland


JoLynne Jensen, Bedford



Linda Lee, Fort Worth 


Perryn Leech, Houston



Mary Padgett, Austin


Immediate Past President

Felix Padron, San Antonio


George Ramirez, Brownsville


Jennifer Ransom Rice, Austin


Cookie Ruiz, CFRE, Austin


Penelope Speier, San Antonio


Ex Officio

Jim Bob McMillan, Texas Commission on the Arts


Executive Director

Ann S. Graham, Austin
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One of the most important things you can do this year is educate yourself about your local, statewide and national candidates and 



on Tuesday, November 4, 2014!


On November 4th, voters will have a chance to decide the direction of our state and of our country for years to come. It's more important than ever that we VOTE and insure that our voices are heard!


Elections for Texas Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, U.S. Senator and Congressional Representatives, Texas State Senate and Representatives will be decided, in addition to local elections for Mayors, City Councils, School Boards and more. These are critical races that will deeply impact all of us. They are about jobs, economic growth, educational standards, access to health care, civic engagement, and quality of life in all of our communities!


Do your candidates support public funding for the arts? Do they recognize the important role that the arts play in our communities and across the state? Do they understand the arts' intrinsic value along with the significant economic impact the arts have across Texas - over $4.6 billion per year in taxable sales contributing nearly $290.1 million in state sales tax revenue in 2011 alone!


YOU are the best advocate for the arts in your community and your advocacy makes a difference!  To show how much you care, please vote on Tuesday, November 4!


Do you need voter information?

  • Need information about where to vote, what district you are in, whether you are registered or tips on how to remind your friends to vote? Go to:  http://www.votetexas.gov
  • The League of Women Voters also has comprehensive information about the voting process at VOTE411.org.

It's up to all of us to encourage voter participation and engagement. Make sure you're ready to vote on Tuesday and encourage others in your network to do the same.


Let me also encourage you to support Texans for the Arts and our advocacy work across Texas - we do it all on your behalf and on behalf of everyone in the state. If you care about the arts and community...if you believe that Texas can and must do better when it comes to investing in the arts and creativity, please join Texans for the Arts as an individual or organizational member, so we can together grow our local, regional and statewide advocacy work to ensure creativity for all!


We look forward to working with all of our legislators in the coming days, weeks, months and years and hope you will be there with us advocating for the vital public investment in the arts across Texas!


Sign up for more Action Alerts from Texans for the Arts and keep in touch about ideas and issues in the arts and creativity. Thank you for all that you do to grow Texas creatively and thank you for voting!





Ann S. Graham

Executive Director

Texans for the Arts

Ann S. Graham

Executive Director

Engaging Texans in a unified advocacy effort to protect and increase both public and private support for the arts.
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