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LAN Systems Named #3 Best Places to Work for the Second Year in a Row!

It is a proud distinction for our company to be named in the Atlanta Business Chronicle's yearly event. Here is the link to the full article.

And for another Best. Would you vote for us in the 2015 Best of Gwinnett? We would be honored if you would give us your support! Click here.

Get to know Microsoft Edge
Edge is the latest way to surf the web! It gives you new ways to find stuff, read and write on the web. To get going, select Microsoft Edge on the taskbar.

Hub: all your stuff in one place
Think of the Hub as the place where Microsoft Edge keeps the things you collect on the web. Select Hub to view your favorites, reading list, browsing history, and current downloads.

Looking for your favorites? In the Hub, choose Favorites and then select Import favorites.

Search faster from the address bar
No need to go to a website to search for pictures of adorable penguins. Stay put and save time by entering your search in the handy address bar. You'll get search suggestions, instant results from the web, and your browsing history right on the spot.

Something happened

Who says techies have no sense of humor!  The 'Something happened' error from Windows 10 is elegant in its simplicity and humorous in its delivery. One blogger referred to it as existential.

The error is frustrating for those who receive, but I have to admit, it made me smile.  It reminds me of my Unix days where the "existential" error was: "Fatal error" at a command prompt.  It had an equally helpful description - none - as to what could be happening.  Somehow a graphic window with "Something happened" is far more friendly than "Fatal error" at a terminal prompt.  At least the Something happened gives you closure, even if only a Close button.

For the Unix crowd, sometimes there was a code or string of esoteric language following the Fatal error, but often mere mortals could not decipher it.  Somehow, we survived the error and reboot. Often the error did not reoccur and if it did, you would have to investigate and fix.

Not to make light of computer issues (this post is tongue-in-cheek), but something always happens.

If something happens and then happens again and you don't know what to do, feel free to reach out to me.  Perhaps together we can find a solution so it will happen no more. You can email me at:

The Internet of Things and Baby Monitors
It is reassuring to know that you can keep an eye on your child from anywhere.  Or is it?

The Internet of Things is created by devices that inventory, capture and record everything in our world and make that information available electronically anywhere - anytime.  Devices that provide information through an Internet connection have seen fast growth. The convenience they offer is attractive.  But what if the security they provide is lacking?

Recent accounts have shown many baby monitors have security holes.  There have been a couple of reports where the hacker got into the monitor and did some very inappropriate and disturbing things.  It is impossible to know why hackers do what they do or understand how someone could be so crude, but the important lesson is that you have to be vigilant and protect yourself.

To protect yourself when using technology, you have to ask fundamental questions.  Here are a few basic questions as a start:
  1. Is your network secured?  Many home networks are not - wired or wireless. This can be a challenge especially for your home network using only an ISP router.  Consider adding your own router/firewall made for home-use that will give you additional security.
  2. Can the device be protected using encryption, passwords, and other means? Some technology is open and there is just not an easy means to lock it down. Some cameras are wireless access points for convenience which is a security challenge.
  3. Does the device meet your security needs?  Often cheap is cheap.  Be sure to compare features, price and security.

Here is a link to the article: