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October 2012 eNewsletter

Breathtaking Beacons
When you're surrounded by 29,000 km of coastline, laden with submerged rocks, icebergs and fog, lighthouses are a common - and welcome - sight. After all, they help navigate ships, boats and vessels safely home and have done so for hundreds of years. Most still in operation, these lighthouses can be reached by car or by a short, scenic hike. Like Point Amour - the second-tallest lighthouse in Canada, or Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site - the most easterly point on the continent, where you can take in the first sunrise in North America.

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Bon Appetit
Not only do lighthouses guide vessels in the right direction, they are also places to enjoy wonderful culinary experiences. Take the Ferryland Lighthouse, for example. Settle in with a gourmet picnic (complete with homemade lemonade), and watch seabirds and whales frolic while you take in the fresh ocean breeze. Or tuck into amazing seafood delights at the Lightkeeper's Seafood Restaurant at the Fishing Point Lighthouse in St. Anthony, and catch frosty giants make their way down Iceberg Alley.

Live Like a Lightkeeper
Let the North Atlantic lull you to sleep after a day exploring the coastline and wake up to humpbacks and minkes migrating past your doorstep. Get cozy at one of our Heritage Properties such as Quirpon Lighthouse Inn on the island's northern tip, or the Cape Anguille Lighthouse on the west coast, and experience what it's like to guide mariners to safety - all with the latest amenities and natural charm. For a truly rustic experience, overnight at the Point Amour Lighthouse Station on the southern coast of Labrador as part of a guided 2-day hike along the Labrador Pioneer Footpath.

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