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May, 2014

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Larry Browning Charged!

Good News...


Friends and supporters, you have directly contributed to supplying law enforcement with three years of evidence against Larry Browning of Kentucky.  Charges have finally been brought against this man who has been involved in the horse slaughter pipeline for over 50 years.  Browning has a collecting station in Butler, and has continuously avoided prosecution in the past by claiming to be the victim of circumstance.  His favorite excuse has been that "people would just constantly drop off starving horses."  The truth of the matter is that Browning supplies a stream of horses for the purpose of slaughter, as he has never reported a single "abandoned" horse left on his property to police.  


The Truth Shall Set You Free


We first investigated Browning in August of 2011, after receiving alarming evidence of horses starving on his property (Kentucky authorities had to euthanize 10 horses due to starvation).  Our investigators spotted approximately 125 horses in various pastures and inside of a dark barn.  Many horses were observed with a body condition of 2, showing signs of emaciation, lethargy and illness.  While hay was visible for the horses to eat, it appeared to be very low quality and was either placed atop a manure pile or was moldy and rotten.  We reported our findings to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture pressing for a thorough investigation.  They reported that there was "nothing alarming" and that our complaints were "unfounded."   

extremely thin horse at Browning property
emaciated horse at Browning property, bones clearly visible

Our second visit to Browning's property was in June of 2012.  Investigators were only able to see approximately 30 horses, with none appearing in any distress.  All of the horses had access to hay and water.  Investigators left the premises optimistic that Browning's position on horse care had improved.


Unfortunately, our third investigation of Browning's collecting station in July of 2013, proved that a leopard does not change its spots.  The property itself was in worse condition.  Holding pens were covered with manure and trash, and broken wood and metal fencing materials posed an injury risk. Of the 25 horses visible, several were very thin showing signs of severe rain rot.   

very thin horses
thin horses kept in litter strewn pens

April 7, 2014 -- 49 Horses Found Dead

Larry Browning charged with Animal Cruelty


At long last, law enforcement, finally acting after years of complaints, investigated Browning's premises and found the bodies of 49 horses along with 32 live horses.  Of the 32 live horses, 14 were so emaciated that they were removed.  AC officers noted that there was not nearly enough hay to feed the animals.  Some of the skeletal remains of the horses were still wearing halters and were in such a state of starvation that ribs were protruding through their skin.  County Equine Investigator, Scott Pracht said, "In nine years, this is the worst case of animal cruelty I've seen."  He also found several horses entangled in barbed wire after apparently trying to escape their horrific surroundings.


We believe so many of these horses could have been spared this tragic fate if our original complaints had been given the professional examination they deserved. 


Browning was charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty in the second degree, and 49 counts of not disposing of an animal carcass within 48 hours.  We are cautiously optimistic that he will finally be held accountable for his habitually cruel treatment of horses.


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A Birthday Tribute from One of Our Youngest Advocates

As investigators, we are constantly exposed to what we consider "the worst aspects of humanity."  We have learned to compartmentalize what we see in order to objectively campaign for the change needed for the sake of the animals.  It is humbling to be reminded of the impact we make for new advocates and it warms our heart to introduce you to, and publicly thank, a very special person named Madison.     


Inspired after reading 'The Eighty-Dollar Champion,' Madison sprang into action by educating her community and vowing to end horse slaughter.  This selfless young lady has taken on several personal initiatives, which we hope will inspire other young people to become involved in advocacy.  For her recent 12th birthday, she requested that donations be made to Animals' Angels in lieu of gifts to herself.  Madison is also spearheading a petition campaign within her school and by walking it door-to-door for signatures.  Did we mention she wrote the petition herself?  Her initiative is admirable and Madison's strong conviction against animal abuse should be an inspiration to us all.  


While Madison may appear a little shy and quiet, she is extremely well-spoken and adamantly vocal about making change.  We are impressed not only with her awareness and attitude about social issues, but of her ability to stand against what she believes needs to stop.  Our hope by sharing Madison's encouraging story is to show that every voice counts, whether young or old.  Madison is helping to prove that everyone has a place in advocacy.  Excellent job Madison! 

Madison with Bob & Springer

Madison and her family share their hearts and home with three equine friends.  Bentley was found through a "foal dealer" as a baby and is now 5 years old.  They have had their pony Springer for 8 years and found special shoes to keep him comfortable when he foundered.  Their horse, Bob, is a recent acquisition of 8 months. Madison and Bob routinely participate in pony events and competitions.  


Animals' Angels Hits the Streets in Denver

On April 26, 2014, Animals' Angels attended the Denver, Colorado Rally for Wild Horses and Burros.  It was a great day for our wild ones as rallies were held nationwide.  The event in Colorado was well attended by advocates from various organizations across the states. Compassionate people joined together to demonstrate a unified front against the atrocious treatment of our wild horses and burros. We are constantly looking for new ways to educate the general public, and we made many strong, like-minded friends along the way.   



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