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November 2013 
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When Sonja Meadows founded Animals' Angels, Inc. in 2007, she was the only investigator. Being a one-woman show, the organization was only able to operate in a localized area with a very restricted number of annual investigations. Her determination and tenacity, combined with the dedication of faithful supporters, enabled the organization to grow in leaps and bounds. In just six short years, we have become an international charity conducting close to 200 investigations a year throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Recognition for objective, reliable documentation, has allowed us to increase the pressure on the enforcement efforts used to protect factory farm animals. We have gained the respect of Government agencies, as well as local and national law enforcement. This approach has granted us working relationships with those who have direct impact on changing, and implementing animal humane laws. We have seen the fruits of our labor pay off in droves as we fight against horse slaughter. Our fact-based evidence has been used to initiate criminal proceedings that have concluded with convictions. We have conducted groundbreaking training classes designed specifically for members of law enforcement, and we have seen those same members' organizations stopping transport trucks. Our intensely focused EU Campaign has horsemeat consuming/importing countries pulling meat off of supermarket shelves; thereby reducing a portion of the demand.


"This organization wouldn't exist, let alone grow, if not for our devoted supporters. 2013 has by far, been our most successful year to date," says Meadows. Looking onward and upward, Animals' Angels is incredibly excited to announce the release of our new user-friendly website, logo, and motto. We feel that our new logo and motto are more powerful, and define our mission more clearly. We welcome your thoughts on our new accomplishments, as you will be directly involved in our future successes.


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Perfect Partnership ~

Animals' Angels and Thundering Hooves Celebrate the Horse in Santa Fe


Thundering Hooves is a grassroots initiative dedicated to bringing awareness to the many complex issues horses face today. Thundering Hooves is spreading awareness by continually branching out to touch new audiences. Animals' Angels was a primary resource for last year's inaugural affair in Alpine, TX, and we proudly served that role again.

The timing for this year's Thundering Hooves event in New Mexico couldn't have been more perfect. New Mexicans are currently battling two significant on-going equine issues; both weighing heavily on the hearts of horse lovers. The first, is litigation to stop Valley Meats from opening a horse slaughtering facility in Roswell. A final federal court decision as to whether or not the slaughterhouse's water discharge permit will be renewed is expected by the end of October. If the permit is renewed, the horse slaughter facility could open as early as the beginning of November. The second, is the highly anticipated plea hearing of Dennis Chavez (Southwest Livestock) scheduled for late November, stemming from the Animals' Angels investigation back in March 2012. As you may recall, Animals' Angels was instrumental in providing evidence leading to Chavez's indictment.  






Gary Farmer graciously served as the Master of Ceremonies, while we honored the horse by sharing information about, and alternatives to horse slaughter. The day's activities began as an enthusiastic crowd applauded while riders entered the plaza on horseback. Karen Hardy from Santa Fe Stables provided some of her personal horses for the ride. She was able to convey the commitment and dedication of responsible horse ownership by including her spry 34 year old gelding named Buddy for an Animals' Angels investigator to ride. Over 360 pictures of horses drawn by Sandia Elementary School students were on display, showing that in order to make change we must include the next generation. More than 2,000 concerned citizens joined Thundering Hooves in the plaza, stopping by our booth to gain knowledge of the organization, and to sign the petition for a speedy trial in the Dennis Chavez case.



Thundering Hooves was profiled in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal, and the Santa Fe Journals. Gary Farmer, and his wife Deborah Lamal, also made television appearances to speak on the importance of the event.  


 Ride it Out is Riding High

Lynny Prince's song 'Ride it Out ~ A Song for Slaughter-Bound Horses' is steadily touching a wide, compassionate, musical audience. Since its release on October 19th, the video containing haunting images from some of our investigations has had well over 4,000 views on Youtube.   Stewart Oleson, Associate Professor of Journalism at Biola University said, "... that's a beautiful song with a strong message. I didn't know all the details of horse slaughter, some tough images there - and effective story-telling... Well done!"


There is no doubt that this video is achieving its desired goal - education and awareness, and we are thrilled to have been a part of it.  We ask that you continue to share this innovative perspective from the eyes of the slaughter-bound horse. 




International EU Consumer Awareness Campaign Continuing with Full Force

Ever hopeful that the SAFE Act will protect this nation's horses, we are not waiting for legislation to pass.  Keeping our initiative in the forefront of horse-consuming countries, our international EU Campaign continues gaining momentum.  We have ongoing investigations in Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico and of course, here in the US.  We will be using evidence from this year's investigations for our 2014 consumer awareness campaign overseas.

For more information on our EU Campaign, please use the following links:

Blow to Swiss Horsemeat Market

Update on EU Campaign 

Consumer Awareness Campaign Continues with Argentina 

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