January 16, 2008
Animals' Angels reveals living hell for horses transported to Mexico for slaughter
Dear Friend of the Animals,
Welcome to our second Newsletter.  The Animals' Angels Team wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year 2008.

We have much to report to you since our last correspondence.  Our work has included inspecting the most egregious animal auctions in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. However, the most pressing work deals with the transport of live American horses to Canada and Mexico. We have witnessed that the transport of horses to Mexico and Canada continues to increase in both numbers of horses and frequency of transports.  

starving horse santa teresa


Our investigators just returned from the export pens in Texas and New Mexico. There, hundreds of American horses,  await loading on Mexican trucks. Many of them are injured and weakened from their sometimes extremely long trip from auctions all over the country to the export facility. Treatment at the export pens is poor: Pens are overcrowded, there is no potable water or food available and no shelter against the desert sun. We are certain that many of them will not survive the 800 mile trip to the slaughter plants in Zacatecas.

In Canada, Natural Valley Farms in Saskatchewan is already in operation, gearing up to take the overflow of American horses now that U.S. plants are closed. They are slaughtering 1000 horses per week. Until the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act passes in the U.S. Congress, the situation for horses will worsen due to the long transport. In fact, we have seen horses arrive dead at the Quebec plant on our investigations.  The trip is grueling. Transport routes are longer. Trucks crossing the international borders are unchecked. Transport laws are completely ignored. All in all, the situation is urgent.


Animals' Angels is working to change the fate of our American horses. We have been presenting our findings to Congress and to the Department of Agriculture - urging them to change and improve the existing transport laws and to pass the Horse Slaughter Ban.


What can you do? Our recent investigations into this alarming trend are available to you on our web site at  We need your help and support. Please take a moment to read the reports. Pass it along to others.  Send it to your Congressmen. For the horses' sake.


Yours truly,
Sonja Meadows
Executive Director

During 2007, your generosity made our work possible. Everyone at Animals' Angels thanks you for believing in our work and supporting it.


Below is a brief summary of our work in 2007.


1) Everywhere in the U.S., animals are transported to auctions, to be sold. In most locations, the animals are not provided any water. This results in increased mortality and tremendous suffering, especially during the hot summer months.


During 2007, Animals' Angels worked with and convinced several market owners to install watering systems. Now the animals at these facilities have access to water and some of their suffering has been eased.


Gathering evidence at a slaughter horse collecting station


2) During our investigations, we gather evidence of animal cruelty. We document what we observe and present these findings and the applicable law violations to the authorities in charge. Unfortunately, during 2007, we had to do this many times. Specifically, our horse investigations revealed that transport laws and laws protecting horses on their way to slaughter are often ignored.


Our documentation resulted in convictions in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa with serious fines and additional punishments for the violators. Due to our intervention, conditions for the animals in the care of the offender have improved. Several dealers are now under observation of the authorities in charge.

sheep dying new holland
Injured sheep - left to die in an auction pen

3) Information is the key. It is crucial that accurate and reliable information is accessible to the people in our country who are in charge - such as our Congressional Representatives.


During 2007, Animals' Angels met with various Members of Congress and presented reports and videos of our horse investigations, answered questions and provided inside information regarding the export of American horses to Canada and Mexico.


Right now, as you are reading this, we are busy planning our investigations for 2008.


So much needs to be done and people from all over the U.S. are contacting us asking for help. However, investigations and equipment are expensive and unfortunately our funds are still very limited.


Now is the best time to support our work with your donation!

sonja and big red


This is our wish list of investigations 2008:


- American horses exported for slaughter

Investigations along borders to Mexico and Canada;

Investigations in Montana, New York, California and Nevada


- Horse auctions

Monitoring the 7 largest slaughter horse auctions in the country


- Transport

Investigation into some especially long animal transport routes, where animals are transported for several days.


- Markets

Continue to improve conditions for farm animals at auctions.


- Slaughter plants


Become a proud sponsor of one of our investigations. Let us know which investigation you would like us to use your donation for. Simply write for example  "Horse Export" on your check.  Animals' Angels Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) and your donations are tax deductible.


Make the Angels fly! Now. Your generous donation will allow us to continue our work to be THERE with the animals. To stand by their side when no one else does. To document and report what really happens to them. To make life for irresponsible dealers and haulers more difficult. To raise public awareness about the existing issues. To inform. To help enforce the laws. TO MAKE A CHANGE.


Thank you for your compassion!




truck leaving faciltity

Investigators for Animals' Angels USA looked into several Mexican border slaughter-horse export facilities this past fall. The Texas Department of Agriculture Socorro export facility in El Paso, TX, which is owned by the State of Texas, and the Santa Teresa Export facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which is privately owned by the Chihuahua Cattlemen's Association, were targeted for investigation.


In 2007, approximately 300% more American horses have been transported to Mexico than in 2006. And this trend is ongoing: During the first two weeks of January, 2008, 1818 horses (Source: USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service) were exported from Texas and New Mexico to Mexico for slaughter.


Animals' Angels Investigation Reveals: Conditions at both facilities remain appalling for the horses and reveals an urgent need for Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

emaciated horse santa teresa


At the export facility, Animals' Angels observe that horses in these export pens are not fed, nor are they given adequate water.  They have no shelter from the sun, wind, and rain.  Investigators observe horses with broken legs, severe and open bleeding lacerations and end-stage strangles.  Grotesque injuries of all sorts.   Some are observed lying on the ground in exhaustion while others simply trample over them.  Some horses will not survive the long journey from the export facility to the two major Mexican slaughterhouses, which are about 800 miles deep into Mexico.  If these horses are too ill to make the journey, they are left to die in the holding pens.  The injured horses are not humanely euthanized.  Unfit for transport, they die where they lie.


The horses able to walk are beaten with whips to load them onto the steep ramps of double decker trailers. Handling is routinely inhumane.  Veterinary concerns are vague and ineffective, overall resulting in cruel and inhumane treatment of the horses at all stages of the slaughter transport process.



Animals' Angels observes numerous regulations violations at both facilities.  The Commercial Transportation of Equines for slaughter regulations are ignored. Animals' Angels researches driver records, only to find that the Safestat records of several of the observed transport companies show severe and multiple violations.  Some drivers are not currently licensed to operate a truck, yet are transporting horses hundreds of miles coast to coast and border to border across the United States.  Furthermore, several vehicles observed have been given motor vehicle citations for unsafe brakes. These issues are hazard to all Americans sharing the same highways with these drivers.

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