Animals' Angels Newsletter     August 7, 2007
Volume 1, Issue 1
Members of 110th Congress use Animals' Angels video to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act!

Welcome to Animals' Angels first eNewsletter. Animals' Angels Inc. is a grass roots organization, shortly to become a registered non-profit.  We are headquartered in Maryland, yet we work across the nation and from Mexico to Canada. We have just begun our work here.  In this inaugural newsletter, I'd like to share with you why I am compelled to work on behalf of the animals.


starving horseWe are there with the animals. This is our motto.  I think it describes exactly where we need to be. If you want to understand what the pigs, horses, cattle and sheep are having to endure while in transport and during the slaughter process, you have to be right there with them.  With the animals, I have driven 28 hours behind a truck. With the animals, I have been parked for 10 hours during a snow storm at a gas station. Without food, shelter, water, or rest. With the animals, I have been at a feedlot in the desert for 3 days at 112 degrees without protection from the sun. With the animals, I have stood on the slaughterhouse floor where the smell of blood is overwhelming.


Animals' Angels is unique in mission and action. Our work is difficult.  We make changes that help animals here and now. Changes that make a difference to the animals standing in the slaughter line today, as I write this.  Accurate research of existing conditions is imperative.  Documentation and videotape footage of actual scenarios is the key.  We cannot change or improve conditions for the animals if we do not understand the current situation. And change is desperately needed.  In this issue you will read how our video footage and reports make an impact on the public, on the slaughterhouse managers, and most of all, on the animals themselves. Thank you for joining us in our mission. We are there with the animals.




Sonja Meadows

Executive Director

Animals' Angels investigation supports the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

starving horse


An undercover video filmed by Animals' Angels and the Humane Farming Association shows the unbelievable amount of suffering that is involved in horse slaughter.

After watching the video members of Congress decided to use the material to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

"The means by which animals are currently transported and slaughtered is abhorrent. It seems that the economics of the business have overtaken the humane treatment that is necessary.  Considering these facts, the dedicated work of Animals' Angels is of utmost importance."       



- Donald W. Liechty, DVM

Equine practitioner, Thoroughbred specialist  

Animals' Angels provides video for CBS report


ON TAPE     On April 26, 2007, CBS Cleveland news reporter Tom Meyer aired a report on the Sugarcreek, Ohio horse auction. His story was based primarily upon investigative reports and video material provided by Animals' Angels.


Animals' Angels investigators had been monitoring the market since January 2007.  The ongoing investigation revealed abuse and neglect. The video graphically documents the inside workings of the auction.  The attitudes and views of 'killer buyers' are revealed. Footage shows suffering by the horses at the feedlots, during transport, and the slaughter plant itself. It shows the horses being dragged into the slaughterhouse with a cable winch. The footage also documents that U.S. horsemeat is shipped to Europe, that the slaughter plants are foreign owned, and that these plants do not pay U.S. taxes.

A Call for Volunteers

twylatruckAnimals' Angels is starting in at the ground level.  The work to improve conditions for American agricultural animals is an enormous undertaking.  Many volunteers are needed to bring the organization into full swing.  If you know of people with the following skills, or you yourself can provide support, please email Sonja at [email protected].  The following positions are available:

Investigations:  Requires training and supervision. Work closely with existing investigators.  Work includes visits to agricultural markets, feedlots, collecting stations, and slaughterhouses.


Researchers:  Persons to collect information on pertinent issues and compile data into brochure form.


Fundraising:  Individuals to bring in donations via mailings, emailing, letters, grants and the like.


Veterinarian:  A practitioner to help train on-site volunteers and to provide knowledge.


Sanctuary: On-site volunteers to improve existing facility. Work includes repairs, electric, water drainage, wood work, care for rescued animals and cleaning of barns. 


Film Editor:  An experienced videographer with editing equipment to edit video footage and enhance with voice-over, etc.




In This Issue
1. Members of Congress use film produced by Animals' Angels
2. Animals' Angels provides video for CBS report
3. A Call For Volunteers
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Animals' Angels works to end farm animal abuse in the United States.  Our mission is to improve conditions for farm animals. We work primarily in the field, inspecting livestock trucks on highways, visiting markets and slaughterhouses.  Our documented reports and video footage are provided to news media as a public service.  We present our investigation results to auction and slaughterhouse management, to encourage positive change in the way farm animals are handled during transportation, at auction, and at slaughter.