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March 23, 2010 
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Recent horse slaughter investigation exposes neglect at collecting station in Louisiana - Calls needed
Animals' Angels needs your help - We have filed a complaint with the Bastrop, Louisiana police department against the Stanley Brothers regarding their treatment of a lame, emaciated horse whose suffering is flatly illegal in the state of Louisiana.
But we are asking your help in pressuring the City Attorney of Bastrop to file charges against Stanley Brothers for violating state animal cruelty laws mandating veterinary care.
horse pens The Stanley Brothers, with their long involvement in the horse slaughter trade, have had numerous convictions and complaints filed against them. Their sad history, coupled with calls to Animals' Angels from concerned citizens triggered our investigation. 
The Stanley Brothers history includes:

1. Cruelty complaints
filed locally concerning dead animals on their property, with the officer finding dead horses, cows and sheep both inside and outside the barn. However, no investigation was launched and no charges filed (a local official told AA investigators that the Stanleys have money and influence and are thus unlikely to have any problems with such complaints).
2. Conviction and fine of $10,550 for violating Equines to Slaughter Regulations, which included a violation for transporting a horse blind in both eyes.  
3. Conviction and fine of $12,800 for the illegal shipment of EIA infected horses, breaking the laws regarding both the Animal Health Protection Act and again the Equines to Slaughter Regulations. 
4. Violations of Federal Motor Carrier laws include: False or no log book; False report of drivers record of duty status;No medical certificate on driver's possession.
 We found that despite their convictions, fines, and complaints from the local population, the Stanley Brothers continue to operate inhumanely and animals continue to suffer terribly.
Summary of investigation:
white horse with swollen kneeArriving at the Stanley Brothers Collecting Station the Animals' Angels investigators soon observed a lame and severely emaciated horse. The horse held her swollen, left front leg out in front of her, completely unable to bear weight on it. A green USDA slaughter tag was affixed to the horse's withers. 
Unable to tell if this horse was among those loaded for slaughter the next day, investigators followed the trailer to the export pens in Eagle Pass, TX. Observing the truck unload at the pens the investigators could confirm that the white horse was not there.
Stanley Bros truck at export penRelieved that the horse had not been shipped, but concerned about its pitiful condition and that it continued to suffer in Louisiana, the investigators called the Bastrop police department to file an animal cruelty complaint. We asked the police to locate the white horse and ensure that the animal received much needed and legally required veterinary care.
According to the police report, the dispatched police officer located the white horse and another horse in need of veterinary care. Police Chief Black informed us that the Stanley Brothers had been advised to obtain veterinary care for both horses and that the police report and all the evidence had been forwarded to the City Attorney John Bentley.
When we did not receive any further information during the next few days, we contacted the police department again for an update. We were informed that when a police officer went to check on the condition of the white horse again, it was gone. Surprisingly, he did not inquire what had happened to it nor did he found it necessary to investigate further.
white horse 2We then contacted City Attorney John Bentley but he seemed to have no or very limited knowledge of animal cruelty laws in his state. He informed us that he would have to do further research and would get back to us. We provided him with a copy of applicable animal protection laws.
It has been almost three weeks now with no new information or knowledgeable response from any of the Bastrop officials involved.
Please call Bastrop City Attorney John Bentley and politely ask why, with the recent history of existing animal cruelty complaints, the substantive evidence provided to them, and their own police report confirming our findings and finding new violations,-why he has not effectively pursued this matter and charged the Stanley with animal cruelty.

Mitchell and Gregory Stanley, d/b/a/ Stanley Brothers, seem to operate with little or no regard for the humane treatment of animals or the laws.
We believe that with your help, by making a phone call, the Stanley Brothers will be called into account.  
Thank you for your help-it is essential-and for continuing to stand firm in fighting animal cruelty. We count on you!
Please call:
Bastrop City Attorney
John Bentley
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 Investigation of the Stanley Brothers Farms collecting station and transport of horses for slaughter in Mexico.
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