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October 16, 2012

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The Transport of American horses from Presidio, TX to Mexico for slaughter


September 2012, Animals Angels revisited Presidio's export pens in  Texas just a short, six-minute drive from the Mexican border. After days of filming and surveillance, investigators verified that the same problems exist as were seen in 2011 and again in March of this year, with one change:


The C4 pens are loading horses bound for slaughter all the way at the back of their facility. This has severely restricted visibility of the conditions & treatment of the horses.


C4 horse dead in pensThe C4 pens made the news in 2011, when horses were found left to die without humane intervention. Horses were denied food, water and made to endure the extreme weather conditions. 


Photographs showed that they were laying  in mud and urine, struggling for hours or maybe days before finally leaving this world of torment. Their poor dead bodies were later dumped in a dry creek bed on a nearby property.


Main concerns that remain:

  • Condition of horses at C4 pens and why so many horses die
  • No shelter available for most horses at all three pens
  • Loaded trailers are parked for hours in nearby broker lot while horses bake inside the trailers under the blazing desert sun
  • Inappropriate trailers with practically no ventilation are being used to transport horses
  • Rejected horses are returned to their owner/shipper and face an unknown fate.

Horse inside Mexican trailerLeaving Presidio, the investigative team followed loaded trucks to the slaughter plants in Mexico.  Large death pits were found as well as horses in despicable condition waiting to be slaughtered in shelter-less dry lots.


Link to the full investigation report....


Link to March Presidio report...


The report from the investigation at the Mexican slaughter plants will be released November 2012.



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