SCRS Releases Bumper Prompt Decision Aid

Prosser, Washington, December 18, 2015 The Society of Collision Repair Specialist (SCRS) launched an instructional PDF today to aid in Answering the CCC ONE Bumper Refinish Prompt. Click the preceding link to access the PDF. The decision tree has been developed as a result of frequent and widespread reports of misrepresentation of the refinish process when responding to the system generated question. The CCC One product includes a prompt in their estimating system that inquires, "will the bumper be refinished in a separate procedure from the other panels?"
If the end-user replies "No," the system will apply overlap deduction on the next refinished panel and will include the bumper cover in the 2.5 clear coat cap. If the end-user replies "Yes," the system will identify the next refinished panel as the first major panel, without overlap deduction, and the bumper cover refinish labor will not be included in the 2.5 clear coat cap.  
If a flex additive is being utilized on plastic/flexible components and a separate clear coat mix is being produced as predominantly recommended by automotive refinish manufacturers, the appropriate response should be "Yes." 

The prompt is repeatedly answered inaccurately on insurance appraisals as the "No" selection will result in a lesser estimate value.
Conditions such as the color of the bumper or if the bumper is in the paint booth at the same time as the rest of the vehicle have no bearing on the appropriate response to the prompt. 
CCC has provided multiple options for how the estimating system may be configured. The configuration can allow for no prompt, for the prompt to default to "Yes," or for the prompt to default to "No."
To know if the end-user selected "No" as a response, the system will identify the line item with a symbol. The symbol (<>) indicates the refinish operation WILL NOT be performed as a separate procedure from the other panels in the estimate. It will appear on the estimate as exampled here:

1.    <>   Repl  Bumper cover (Part Number) (Qty)  (Price $)  (Labor)  (Paint)

SCRS provides this information in hopes that a clearly defined decision making process will alleviate confusion and misuse of a mechanism in the estimating system that has created a great deal of debate in the industry.
Further, the estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY - it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in the best position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.
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