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Bleeding The Coolant SystemAfter the replacement of a coolant component it may be necessary to remove the air from the system, or "bleed" the system. This process may require opening a valve to remove the air, similar to a brake caliper, but can require more complex procedures of attaching a vacuum machine and/or following more detailed OEM-specific instructions. These procedures are "not included" operations with Audatex and Mitchell estimating software. This can be found in the procedural pages of both products, but also in DEG inquiries 3761 and 3851 . CCC/Motor states this operation is included with the labor of the coolant part.

If you are replacing a coolant part in CCC and do not think the time is adequate to replace the part AND bleed the coolant system, you can submit an inquiry to the DEG to address with CCC. Submit an inquiry by visiting the DEG website at and clicking the green arrow that says "Open Inquiry." 

The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY - it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.

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