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Mixing Paint - It is important to know which processes are included, and more importantly not-included, in your specific estimating system. 

The Audatex refinish allowance accounts for mixing the color for the factory paint code and one tint cycle to match the paint on the vehicle. See inquiry 8089

Mitchell includes "mix materials" in their refinish procedure, but "color match or tinting" is not included. See inquiry 8092

CCC includes retrieving accurate color information, including paint chip, and the mixing of additives (ex: thinner / reducer / hardener etc.) to the premixed color; this is referred to as "mix paint." 
Test spray-out panel and tinting to achieve color match is not included in Motor Crash Estimating Data refinish allowance. Mixing Systems enable refinishers to mix the desired color by combining paint toners; this formulation of color is not included. See inquiry 4486

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