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March 2013

First, check out our new logo - It's very exciting for 2013!! 

Here is the latest WMABA Newsletter for your review. Including the top story: 2013 Maryland Parts Legislation

Make sure you read my ED Message and check out the MUST-READ industry news links that we've included. There is a lot of information here, but it is all very important to your business. 

Jordan Hendler
Executive Director

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HB 1375 - Replacement Parts for Damaged Motor Vehicles 

Attention has recently been focused on the 2013 Maryland House Bill 1375, introduced by Delegate Mark N. Fisher (R-27B) which would inhibit insurers from specifying the use of aftermarket parts for the first five (5) years of the vehicle, and would prevent carriers from requiring the use of any specific process or vendor for the procurement of parts or materials. The Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA) assisted Fisher in crafting the language that was used to introduce the bill, and strongly support the efforts to see it passed into law.

To support this bill is easy! The bill is now before the House Economic Matters Committee.


(Download "Parts Bill How-To Support" In A Flyer - .pdf)

If you feel strongly about supporting this bill you are asked to contact your Maryland state delegate especially if they are on the House Economic Matters Committee and urge them to vote FOR the bill. The first hearing on this legislation will be announced soon.


2013 Maryland House of Delegates - Economic Matters Committee


Name (Linked to Webpage), District and County


You can easily find and contact your delegate on the internet.


  • On the right side of the page, click "Who represents me?"
  • Enter your address or zip code and your delegates name will appear.
If you would like to support the association in their efforts and find out how to help, please call or email the office today. Financial contributions are also greatly appreciated. 
Legislation Options May Be What's Left
I am personally not a proponent of legislation, and I get the same position from our Board of Directors. We don't believe that the best route to solve problems is through changing law. For one reason, (anyone who's done it knows) it is a laborious, expensive, and dirty process during which perfect gentlemen are often reduced to mangy dogs.  Secondly, that it always ends with the feeling of defeat - even when you "win". There really are no winners at the state house(s).


I'm not afraid to roll up the proverbial sleeves, strap on a helmet, and pick up a sword to go to war. It's the unfortunate circumstance of our industry's diminishing ability to rectify problems through reasonable negotiation. The mounting problem is that there is a lack of reasonable individuals with authority to enact positive change. Really, it would be less expensive for everyone if we could solve issues without having to go through the legislative process.


With that said, however, when you dig through it there are some big positives that we can take away when it's all said and done.


With highly visible legislation, like this year's House Bill 1375, it pulls our association into the spotlight. Because we were asked to help craft the legislation with Delegate Mark Fisher, it allowed us the opportunity to share our positions with an eager legislator. We are thankful to him for giving us the honor of doing so. It also strengthens our relationship with national and local businesses or associations of other industry segments. So even if the outcome is that the Bill is tabled for the following session, we have increased association awareness both within our industry and within the legislative community.


The other good by-product of highly visible legislation is that it brings our industry together. And, boy, do we need it! Many times, those who should be considered allies are only considered a competitor. It takes a legislative hearing of everyone speaking with one voice to see that we are all truly on the "same team". Even if the legislation doesn't find victory, there is a strong sense of community at the end.


We are staring down a difficult time and by the time this issue is in your hands our fate is likely to be known. No  


Industry Leaders Lost

This month's issue includes the unfortunate notices of three industry members' passing. In learning of this, it reminds me of all the work I did with them or that - more importantly - they did for us. We should all take a moment and give thanks for the time that we shared with them.


Randy Bevis was a prominent member of WMABA, and served as a President for a couple years as well. His well-known ability to speak his mind has stayed fervent within our ranks to today. It was bittersweet to read the remembrances given by our former executive director Sheila Loftus. You can hear her admiration for all that he did.


John A. Mattos. What a cool dude! I know him as a staunch industry activist, the biggest supporter of WMABA, and the guy in the room who would always speak up when he saw something wrong. He'd attended almost every meeting we had, and encouraged repairers to participate any chance he had. I remember numerous golf outings where the Mattos' folks not only supported with much-needed funding, but their team played with John in the lead. You knew he had your back. That's the sign of a true friend.


Troy Holm is also someone with whom I share a rich history. I had worked with him during his tenure with Collision Services on many industry projects. He normally attended the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) meetings and would be a usual suspect at the microphone depicting something pro-repairer. Troy also would offer services at a deep discount (if not free) to any association they worked with across the country. He had a huge heart and a dedicated spirit.


We offer our deepest sympathies for all their family and friends who will all miss them deeply.

Contact me at any time if you want to discuss any issue or initiative!
-Jordan Hendler, Executive Director
jordanhendler@wmaba.com or 804-789-9649

Important Information for your Review

CollisionWeek would like to invite your collision repair facility to take part in the 2013 national survey of repairers asking them to rate the claims handling performance of the 15 largest U.S. automobile insurance carriers. 


Body Shops can now send completed jobs to company for review to make sure all necessary repair operations are INCLUDED! (story from BodyShop Business)

Zurich's latest Loss Prevention Bulletin - By establishing effective safety and loss prevention programs, business owners and managers can help reduce the number and severity of workers' compensation claims and even help keep the costs of workers' compensation insurance low. 


 Want to Support Ray Gunder In His Legal Efforts?

This Document shows how shops can give the "Gift That Keeps On Giving" to support Ray Gunder's legal initiatives which benefit our entire industry!


Latest DEG Blog Post - on ABRN

LKQ Quarter Replacement


UK Story - Insurance firms 'forcing car repair shops to cut corners'

Don't be fooled by those who want you to believe that insurers in the UK pay for all necessary repairs, simply because they mandate their approved shops to follow the PAS125 standard. Unfortunately, insurance pressure is no different in any one corner of the world than another. Please read this article from the UK with interest.



Full Frame Replacement Presented by the SCRS Education Committee
Full Frame Replacement Presented by the SCRS Education Committee



CIC Chairman George Avery Recaps Meeting
CIC Chairman George Avery Recaps Meeting


PartsTrader Costs   

Tom Kellogg-the wholesale director for the Zeigler Automotive Group's 13 franchises in Grandville, MI-has been using PartsTrader the past several months as one of the first test markets in State Farm's PartsTrader program.


Why We Mark Up Tow Bills - Document by Mike Anderson


Skills in Maryland Needs Support - Donations are needed for the State of Maryland Vo-Tech Skills Competition...