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December 2014
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Accomplishments and Completions     

How do you end your year? How do you say goodbye? How do you mark transitions and 'rites of passages'? These are questions worth reflecting on at year's end.


For three years, I participated in a Sufficiency Group based on the work of Lynn Twist, author of  The Soul of Money. Our group spent an hour a week on the phone reflecting on "what is enough" in our lives, an idea Lynn Twist calls "sufficiency" (see my blog for more details on this work).  As a part of our process we wrote out our aspirational accomplishments at the beginning of each year, revisited them throughout the year, and at the end of year we reviewed our accomplishments. This practice kept reminding us of the life-affirming axiom that "energy follows attention". Wherever we focused our attention and intention, we were able to fulfill our accomplishments. We didn't use a TO DO because usually our TO DO lists are too long and un-inspiring. Instead we learned to live into our accomplishments from a context of "sufficiency". I invite you to join me in this powerful practice in 2015. 


Here's a list of suggested "accomplishment domains" you might be interested to cultivate for 2015 and reflect on from 2014.  

  1. Career/Profession
  2. Financial well-being and the flow of money
  3. Personal care and well-being
  4. Community/Civic Engagement
  5. Philanthropy
  6. Spirituality
  7. Friendship
  8. Partnership
  9. Family
  10. Home
  11. Vacations and Play

If this list doesn't include your target domains, create categories that are more meaningful for you. Questions to help guide the process are:

  1. What would nourish me if it were to occur this year?
  2. What would have me feel pleased with myself and my life if it were to happen?
  3. What matters most to me in this area of my life?
  4. How can I relate with freedom and sufficiency to this domain?
  5. What everyday habits or practices will bring these accomplishments to fruition?

Join me on Friday, January 9th at 12 noon EST for a 2015 Community Accomplishments call.  You will learn more about writing "Accomplishments" and can begin using this framework to live into what matters most for you in 2015.   


In closing, I am grateful to all of you (my clients, referral network, administrative supporters, colleagues with whom I collaborate, and friends and family) who support the continued growth of Conditioning Leaders. May 2015 bring us all peace and courage in the places most needed to heal ourselves, our families and our communities.  

Happy New Year 

Upcoming Events and Workshops
Trinity Church Lecture
The Anti-Racism Team at Trinity Church, which Madeline co-leads, has prepared an all-day forum at Trinity Church on Sunday, January 18th titled "We Still Have a Dream: End Racism". Marian Wright Edelman of the Childrens Defense Fund, Bishop Michael Curry, Tim Wise, Debby Irving, Rev. Liz Walker will all be in attendance. For more information click here
Words to Action: From the Front Lines of the Racial Justice Movement

Madeline will be on a panel titled "Words to Action: From the Front Lines of the Racial Justice Movement" on Thursday January 22nd from 6-8pm with other white racial justice organizers discussing racial justice work as a white ally in Boston.  The event, sponsored by Community Change and Haymarket Peoples Fund, will be at Haymarket People's Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave. in Jamaica Plain. Contact Madeline for more details.

Leadership Embodiment 
March 7-8, 2015
We are leading another Level 1 workshop. If this work interests you, contact us and we'll be sure to tell you about future Level 1 classes in the area.  Interest in this work continues to grow.  To learn more,
click here.

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