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May 2014
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Navigating the treacherous terrain of Power, Equity and Inclusion  

We all have a relationship with power whether we're comfortable with it or not. Some know how to get and wield power, some feel as if they have little power, some of us aren't interested in power at all and choose to stay away from this conversation as much as possible. Regardless of your relationship to power, it has an impact on how equity and inclusion are fostered in our lives, teams and organizations.  

One of the most critical aspects of facilitating meaningful and lasting organizational change is knowing what to do with inequality when it's present in the organizational system and group with whom you are working.   As facilitators, we are continually conditioning ourselves to support our clients to navigate the treacherous terrain of power, equity and inclusion dynamics. We want our clients to realize the results they're seeking efficiently and effectively while creating more equitable and inclusive organizations and networks. This takes conscious intention, ongoing effort to track impact and the flexibility to make mid-course corrections as needed when off track.


At Conditioning Leaders, we offer resources, coach and consult with you through thorny dynamics and can be a facilitator for a team or department meeting or off-site. Meetings where power, equity and inclusion issues are present go much better when someone's sole job is to focus 100% on process. We want our clients to fulfill the results they're seeking and at the same time continue to work with one another. We know trusting relationships matter for the organizational bottom line. If you want to know how to condition your muscles so that you can be a leader who understands and navigates power, equity and inclusion issues in your organization more effectively, we're here to help. We look forward to hearing from you.


In solidarity,


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