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March 2014
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Rooting Ourselves in Core Values

In this last month of the quarter, I am struck by how quickly time flies.  When we find ourselves amazed by the speed at which time is passing, it's useful to slow down and remind ourselves about what roots us.  What roots me is timeless.  It's my values and the context I live in that support who I am no matter the activity or how quickly I perceive time passing.  The more I remind myself of my values and operationalize them in my life, the more grounded I feel.  Ultimately I care less about how quickly time is passing, because I am rooted in my values. 
Here are some questions to help unearth what roots you: 
  • What are your core values?    
  • How do they inform the choices you're making professionally and personally?  
  • What practices do you have to remind yourself of your roots?    
My blog is active now and in the weeks ahead I will write about what roots our work at Conditioning Leaders.  Here's a preview of the topics: Language, Biology and Biodiversity, Power/Equity/Inclusion, Neuroscience, the Body, and Sufficiency:  the power of enough.

We'd love to read answers to the above questions and read your comments on our blog.  As a leader of your life and career, take time to remind yourself of and share with friends, family and colleagues what roots you.  It will have a positive ripple effect all around.

Happy Spring,


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Upcoming Workshops

Please check them out and share them with people in your network whom you think would be interested.  I am happy to talk with you about either one. 
Somatics for Social Leaders

May 10-11, 2014 


There is more space in our workshop. We'd love to have you join us.  

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2014 Women's Retreat: Finding Balance, Inspiration and Connection

May 31-June 1, 2014


Join us for a weekend away focused on you, your body and future.  During this retreat we will nourish ourselves through yoga, reflection and coaching.    

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