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February 2014
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Leading an Integrated Life 


We are fully in 2014. How has your year begun? In my business, it's a generative time. It's a time of year when proposals are written for new organizational development projects and prospects are requesting help with their leadership and career challenges.  I am called to turn inward as well.

I am asking the following questions:
  1. What do I want to learn?
  2. Who do I want to be?
  3. What do I want to do that makes a meaningful difference to myself and those around me?
  4. What is Spirit/God/higher power calling me to pay attention to in the coming year(s) ahead?
2014 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of my business. An amazing feat given that I didn't have a long-term vision about my career in 1994. What did guide me was the advice and name of a book "Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow." In 1994, my intention was to develop another passion: dance and the performing arts. I was successful at this and got my M Ed in Dance. However, what has stuck with me over the past two decades was a deeper call to lead an integrated life. I have done this through making choices consistently based on my values and passions while cultivating expertise in ways that nourish me, my clients and their organizations. I have spent 20 years honing this practice. It's not easy all the time, but the longer I live the more grateful I am for the choices I have made.

As we get ready to complete February, I encourage you to make time to ask the above questions and listen for answers.  It's incredibly rewarding when we're clear with ourselves and the universe about our deepest desires.  It's from this place that authentic manifestations emerge. It may be a slow journey, but deeply rewarding.

Cheers to you!


OUR Conditioning Corner

The Conditioning Corner is a place where we talk about what clients are asking of us.
The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude
by Donna Kozik

The 2014 Gratitude Book Project is still available.
To order a copy go here
My entry is on April 10th.
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Somatics for Social Leaders

April 5-6, 2014 


This workshop is a time to reflect on who we are and who we intend to be as leaders and how

we respond to the stress and pressures of leadership.
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2014 Women's Retreat: Finding Balance, Inspiration and Connection

May 31-June 1, 2014


Join us for a weekend away focused on you, your body and your future.  During this day and a half retreat we will engage in yoga, reflection and coaching.  

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