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December 2013
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Give the Gift of Gratitude! 


"The deepest need in all human beings is the need to be appreciated."

William James, American Author


As the calendar year ends many religious and spiritual traditions call us to slow down, welcome in the darkness and cold of winter (especially for those of us in the New England region of the United States) and reflect on the past year.  At Conditioning Leaders we have a practice of remembering for whom and for what we're grateful.  The simple practice of appreciating others is healing for us as human beings.

Whether you're a Christian honoring the birth of Jesus, a Jew commemorating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple or a Pagan celebrating the Winter Solstice, aligning your intention and attention in the form of gratitude is a powerful and healthy way to end the year.  As a professional annual ritual that aligns my values and actions, I list all the people for whom I am grateful and send them an end-of-year or New Year's gratitude card.  It turns out this is as much a gift for myself as for my recipients.  Here's an interesting article from Harvard Medical School on the mental and physical health benefits of expressing gratitude.    

If you're curious about what it would be like to develop a daily practice of gratitude, consider buying a copy of the 2014 Gratitude Book Project Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude. I am a featured author in the book this year on April 10, 2014.   Click Here to order a copy in time for the holidays!  Proceeds of this book go to 3 non-profits.

How might you slow down, reflect and express gratitude in the coming month ahead? Maybe it's giving a gift card to the paper delivery person, making banana bread for the crossing guard or buying a copy of the 2014  Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude for a teacher, loved one in your life or for yourself.  May this season be full of joy, peace and gratitude.


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