August 2015

In this issue of Saglyk's program update take a minute to reflect on a new question posed in the Public Forum section of the website and read our newest blog posts available at And please tell your friends and share this information with your network!
Why do people swear? Use of profanity among Turkmen youth is epidemic. What does this mean? Is it a sign of deteriorating cultural norms or an attempt to compensate for poor language skills? Or is it an effective way for some people to express themselves? Please take a look and consider this important societal issue. A Turkmen caricature artist also provided an interesting insight.


The first ever report on the State of the World's Fathers came out in June. You can view the English language version here. We provided the summary of the key findings to our readers. We hope Turkmen fathers would agree that the level of their involvement has a profound and wide ranging impacts on their children that last a lifetime.

July 28, 2015 is World Hepatatis Day, as declared by the World Health Organization. This year's topic is prevention. Saglyk has developed a series of articles for the Turkmen public on infection and how to prevent it. We disseminated this information on social media platforms.

Can I marry my cousin? This is a longstanding tradition in the Turkmen culture. We receive a lot of questions from readers asking us about the moral side of this issue. Since we are not in the business of issuing edicts on morality, a doctor draws readers' attention to the biological aspects of such a marriage: genetics and fertility.

A young contributor reflects on the public forum discussion on why people swear and offers his opinion of what we can do about it as a society.

The World Health Organization's guidelines on how much sugar you should be eating. Turkmens are not immune to the rise in consumption of sugary drinks, sweets and processed foods. We are moving less and getting bigger.
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