June 2015

We at Saglyk hope the summer is going well for you and your family. In this issue of the program update learn about our renewed call for contributors and read the newest blog posts available at www.saglyk.info.  Please tell your friends and share the information with your contacts!
You don't like something? Don't complain, write a blog!

Saglyk.info is looking for contributors who can think, write and communicate their ideas on issues concerning public's well-being in the Turkmen language. We often get asked why bother to write? Does it make any difference?  Here are the main reasons to start the conversation:

  • You will be writing on issues that will appear in the Turkmen language for the first time. 
  • You will write on issues that matter to the Turkmen public. Saglyk has a growing number of followers on our website and on social media. Your ideas, vision and recommendations will reach a lot of people!
  • You will initiate constructive discussions on important societal issues.
  • Peer review of friendly colleagues and our editor will help you improve your Turkmen and writing in general.
  • It might be tough at times to write and discuss societal issues simply due to a lack of constructive language around the issues. We will develop the language together!


More reasons? Questions? Please write to saglyk at saglyk dot info.   


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To view previous program updates please visit the website page in English. Saglyk.info is the first and only website with easy-to-understand public health information in Turkmen.


Saglykda gorsheli, ("see you in health" in the Turkmen language)



The Saglyk Program Team