May 2015

In this issue of the program update you can read about the results of the music contest that were announced on March 4th. You will also find the newest blog posts available at Please make sure to share them with your friends and network.

Flyer advertising the music contest and prizes
On March 4th, announced a music contest Turkmen Songs for Healthy Living!  Rules were set, prizes were determined. We invited
inspired Turkmens to compose an original song and/or music video in the Turkmen language that explores, encourages, or celebrates a healthy lifestyle. Saglyk then extended the original deadline for submissions. Over eight weeks we posted a flyer and information every single day on all platforms. Saglyk emphasized that contestants did not have to be well-known artists.

Only one person sent his song.
Resul Almyradov, 23, a Turkmen student in China.
In his free time he writes music and songs. You can listen to his song "Life is in your hands" here. We are grateful to Resul for his bravery and creative approach. We hope he will set a good example for others and increase Turkmen youth's participation in public health and social issues.  

Turkmen artist Merjen Gylyjeva shared her caricatures, which were inspired by an article on Reflections on sanitation and Turkmen practices: Do we always follow the rules?

The doctor gave me a good prescription! Or one more reason why we get prescriptions. This article analyzes the influence that pharmaceutical companies have on doctor-patient relationships.

Question from website visitors: Why and when do teenage boys experience voice change? For a full list of new questions and answers please visit Q & A Section of the website.
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Saglykda gorsheli, ("see you in health" in the Turkmen language)



The Saglyk Program Team