March 2015


Saglyk has announced a competition: Turkmen Songs for Healthy Living! 
The contest invites inspired Turkmens to compose an original song and/or music video in the Turkmen language that explores, encourages, or celebrates a healthy lifestyle. You can find detailed information on goals, eligibility, participation and judging criteria here.  

Turkmen songs and healthy living: Music contest


Music is a tremendously powerful force for delivering significant social messages and values, and Saglyk believes that the resulting songs and videos will showcase the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in moving and insightful ways.   


The winners will receive a cash award from Saglyk, with a $1000 prize for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place. A panel of judges and online voting will determine the winners.  


Songs and videos may be on, but not limited to, the following topics: anti-smoking, wearing seat belts, against using nas (a drug popular in Turkmenistan), practicing safe sex, clean drinking water, proper sanitation (e.g. washing hands, picking up trash), and exercise.


Contestants do not have to be well-known artists: this contest is more about creativity than production quality. Please help us spread the word to any potential contestant by forwarding this message!  


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Saglykda gorsheli, ("see you in health" in the Turkmen language)



The Saglyk Program Team