February 2015


Saglyk.info has got a new logo!

The logo communicates the values Saglyk stands for and promotes in its daily engagement with its many followers:

A strong and healthy family is at the core of Turkmen tradition and culture.

A mulberry tree ("tut agajy") has a significance for Turkmens. We wish each other "to be as healthy and strong as a mulberry tree" ("saglygyň tut řaly bolsun")."Clean environment" presented by a mulberry tree represents a connection of one's well-being to the environment where she or he lives.

A tolerant, informed and open society to advance our thinking and understanding of issues that affect people's well-being is represented by the red circle that gently embraces the family.

Saglyk has launched a call for healthy and tasty recipes. We will be sharing recipes regularly. It's time to make plov healthy! If you have a healthy and tasty recipe please share it with the Saglyk community. It does not have to be a Turkmen dish.
Things to remember: How should you take care of your health throughout the year? A printout for your and your friend's refrigerators.
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Saglykda gorsheli, ("see you in health" in the Turkmen language)



The Saglyk Program Team