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July 2014

Welcome to the Realtors and Homeowner's Newsletter! Each month, you'll find plenty of useful information for keeping your house in great condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Preserve your investment-and keep your family safe and healthy-by maintaining your home. Below is this months tips and information.  We trust that you will enjoy reading this material. Please let us know by liking us on FaceBook.  Thanks for reading.

CSST Gas Tubing Fire Hazard Concerns

CSST and Lightning Hazards


As a Professional Licensed TREC Inspector and an International Code Council Certified Combination Inspector, I have inspected homes in the Conroe and Montgomery areas that have CSST gas tubing installed.  

The CSST tubing and lightning strikes have proven to be an extreme hazardous condition and has caused deaths in Texas.

Do you know what to look for to see if you or a property you are listing has this dangerous material?

We can help you with this.  First allow me to share some information on CSST to help better understand this product.

Lightning is a highly destructive force. Even a nearby lightning strike that does not strike a structure directly can cause all electrically conductive systems in the structure to become energized. Nearby lightning strikes can result in a power surge that can damage certain gas tubing systems and ultimately cause a fire. Properly bonding and grounding the Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) significantly reduces the risk of damage and fire from a lightning strikes according to product manufacturers.

Care should be taken when installing CSST to maintain as much separation as reasonably possible from other electrically conductive systems in the home. Electricians and other trained professionals should consult local building codes as to required separations for CSST from conductive systems including metallic chimney liners, metallic appliance vents, metallic ducting and piping, and electrical cables.

Why do plumbers installed CSST tubing?  

Sales of CSST in the U.S. began in 1990 with approximately 100,000 ft. sold. Use of CSST grew in the U.S. as contractors quickly discovered it could be installed in 1/3 the time of rigid black iron pipe systems. Beyond the time saved on installations, contractors and code officials appreciated the reduction of fitting joints in a flexible gas piping system. Joints are areas for concern in gas piping systems as they represent potential leak paths. Flexible CSST systems have approximately 75% fewer fitting joints than rigid black iron pipe systems. 

What does it look like?  

It usually has a yellow jacket that surrounds the thin gas tubing. It is used to plumb gas lines throughout a home, at sections of the gas lines and for appliance connections.  If you have an island in your kitchen and a gas range top, it is almost certain that you have CSST tubing installed.

Fire Marshal, Family Blame Fatal Fire on Corrugated Tubing ...

Lubbock Texas Bans CSST tubing for gas lines!

If your home has a gas supply, you may have CSST tubing and should take appropriate actions to ensure you and your families safety.  Should you not feel comfortable enough to do this yourself, call TexaSpec at 281.370.6803 and we can do it for you or help you determined if you have CSST present.

You, your family and clients safety are extremely important to us. We are all family in God's eyes.

Visit the Brennan Teel Foundation at www.btfgaslinesafety.org/  to learn more about gas line safety. Brennan was killed with a CSST explosion and his family and friends started a foundation to spread the news about this hazardous material.  Please don't let you family become a statistic.


What do Realtors think about us?

"I've worked with Paul since my first days in real estate -- since 1997; both professionally and personally. The very first broker I worked under required us to only recommend Paul as an inspector for all of our clients. (Not really supposed to do that, I found out later.) He's very detail oriented. He's VERY good with buyers. He absolutely will not gloss over any serious issues, but he's also very non-alarming, especially about the nit-picky items that inspectors are required to write up. He's also very, very good at pointing out "required" repairs that are actually building code changes and explaining the difference between the two. If something is really unsafe or will be expensive to fix, he does not hesitate to tell his client (my client) the unvarnished truth. I know he's active in his professional organizations and in educating other inspectors.  

Sharon Detrick
Realtor, e-Pro, SRES, SFR"

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We hope this was of some benefits to you. Should you or someone you know have a need of an inspection we hope you will share TexaSpec Inspections with them. We have served families, business and the Real Estate Market around this area for over twenty years and depend on personal referrals. Call us and see why we have performed all types of inspections for generations of families.  We appreciate your time and business!

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