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July 2014

Welcome to the Realtors and Homeowner's Newsletter!  Each month, you'll find plenty of useful information for keeping your house in great condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Preserve your investment-and keep your family safe and healthy-by maintaining your home using the following tips.

Water damages to your home can be costly and time consuming.  It's important to remedy the situation quickly to avoid exacerbating the problem, creating a new one, such as mold or rot.  Symptoms of a roof leak, a failing water heater, a washing machine leak or a plumbing pipe leak may present itself quickly; sometimes, you might not notice the signs until a major damage has occurred.  Here are a few areas to check regularly;
  • Watch for discolorations and or soft areas on your ceilings and walls. These may be signs of a plumbing or roof leak.
  • Keep your rain gutters clear of debris. Ensure that gutters are not loose or draining near the foundation.  Rainwater that collects in them may damage your eaves and roofing materials.
  • Check for dampness under sinks and lavatories for possible plumbing leaks and corroded fittings.
  • Cracks in your shower or bathtub grouts and seams indicate that you do not have a watertight seal.
  • A small amount of mold in or around cabinetry is not uncommon in our area and should be corrected promptly to prevent larger issues from developing.
  • Check you air-conditioning over flow pan to ensure that it is free of rust, clean, no water is in the pan and that the drain-line is functional and that it exits to the outdoors.
  • If your water heater is located in the attic space, check the over flow pan to ensure that it is free of rust, clean, no water is in the pan and that the drain-line is functional and that it exits to the outdoors.
  • Check the soil levels around your homes foundation.  Minimum building codes require a four inch slab exposure under masonry walls and a minimum of six inches slab exposure under siding and wood products.  High soil levels can allow water intrusions to occur. So be careful when mulch is being installed to keep those foundation grade beams clear.
  • Check the grading around your home and outbuildings.  The grade should slope a minimum of 6-inches within the first ten-feet of the structure.  This is easily overlooked by homeowners and is a major cause of homes easily flooding from rising water or excessive rains.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We hope this was of some benefits to you. Should you or someone you know have a need of an inspection we hope you will share TexaSpec Inspections with them. We have served families, business and the Real Estate Market around this area for over twenty years and depend on personal referrals. Call us and see why we have performed all types of inspections for generations of families.  We appreciate your time and business!

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