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May, 16, 2014

Welcome to the Realtors and Homeowner's Newsletter!  Each month, you'll find plenty of useful information for keeping your house in great condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Preserve your investment-and keep your family safe and healthy-by maintaining your home using the following tips.


 Have you seen the news casts concerning CSST gas lines?

If not, then you need to be aware of this dangerous issue and help make all homeowners aware for their safety.

The TREC has chosen to be silent on this safety issue and the Inspectors Advisory Committee states that nothing else needs to be done.  This leaves Inspectors, Realtors and Texas Consumers in the dark and unprotected or even aware of this dangerous issue.  How many lives must be taken to cause the Real Estate Commissioners to take a positive stand?  

Here is just one of the many links from a Dallas Television Station that demonstrates the fire dangers.  Click Here to Watch The News Cast on CSST

The CSST Product is a yellow corrugated tubing that is installed on many gas systems and appliances.  As an Inspector in the Greater Houston area, I see this product on a daily basis and point it out to my clients and their Realtors.  Check your own house and see if this product is present and take actions today to protect yourself and your loved ones.  One of the most common areas that I see this product is on kitchen islands that have a gas cook top.  It is generally ran through the foundation because of the ease of installation by the plumber.

If you have this product, the CSST manufacturers encourage you to have a qualified licensed electrician properly bond this tubing. However, you should be aware that this is very debatable and uncertain as to if this is actually a correct means of repair. No wiring should be close to this type of material to avoid a short as the news cast shows happened in this one instance.

Please check and see if you have this product installed in your home.  If you are a Realtor or Agent, please make your clients aware of this material and the dangers involved.   Help us suggest to TAR and TREC that an advisory form should be produced to inform consumers of this fire safety issue.  Perhaps this should also be on the sellers disclosure statements.

Together we can save lives. 
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