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Founder on the Move
Finding Homes for Huntington Fellows

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with one of our wonderful members, Toni Devreaux, at the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens in California. Toni hosts Huntington Fellows in her nearby Pasadena home. She epitomizes the essence of Sabbatical Homes and I was so happy to learn more about her experiences with the site.
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Jay travels to London
Spotlight on our team

With a passion to explore, we wish to share our experiences and encourage those to chase their next adventure! We asked Jay, one of our team members, what he was up to this summer. He couldn't help but respond with excitement!

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How to know what's right for you

You want to list your home for rent, exchange, sitting, or sharing, but the landscape of regulations around the world keep changing. We've compiled 3 Quick Questions to ask yourself to help ensure your bases are covered.

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Member Spotlight
International Security Expert

May-Britt Stumbaum, PhD, is one of the leading women in the field of international security. Aiming to bridge academia and policy, she has published widely on EU security affairs toward Asia and China.

Currently, she is on sabbatical in Taiwan and took some time from her busy schedule to discuss with us how she got her start in the field.

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Sabbatical Homes Dream Spot
Waterfront Home on Sydney Harbour

Large waterfront home on Sydney Harbour. Located in Birchgrove, this 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home boasts a swimming pool and separate pool house with self contained accommodation. Excellent public transport links by bus and ferry. Extremely private location.

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