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I hope that you find useful--whether you'd like to post your own home, or find a home to stay in or exchange with during your sabbatical, academic research, writing retreat, or time-off travel. Even if you don't get one officially, there's nothing stopping you from creating your own sabbatical!
Ever since I created the service back in 2000, I've focused on making it a robust resource for the worldwide academic community. I aim to spread the word about our dedicated service and sincerely hope that you will benefit from it. I also hope that you will help get the word out about us! Keeping our network of scholars strong helps keep Sabbatical Homes running. We don't want to be known by the whole world, but we'd like as many academics as possible to benefit from our services.

Please forward this message to your fellow academic friends and colleagues. I'm counting on you to help spread this scholar's secret!
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