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We enjoyed meeting fabulous writers and publishers at the AWP Bookfair in Los Angeles! I was truly touched when Stefanie Lipsey, a member since 2006, came to visit our booth. Hear what she had to say.

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We enjoy hearing from our members and highlighting their accomplishments. Be sure to check out the books our members have recently written!

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You've listed your home on SabbaticalHomes.com and people are responding! But now what? Use these 10 helpful questions to find the right tenant for your home.

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Sabbatical Homes member George Williams is currently engaged in a five-year international project on anti-terror laws and democracy. We asked him a few questions about how he sees governments balancing anti-terrorism work with maintaining individual freedoms, as well as tips about how he has rented his home using SabbaticalHomes.com.

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This fantastic waterfront fjord cottage is located within the city limits of Oslo and is a truly rare property. Stay on the water and enjoy a long shoreline with excellent opportunities for swimming, diving, kayaking, and boating. An attractive place to stay in all seasons!

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