Met some great folks at ACTFL & MLA!

I was delighted to meet new academics and visit with members of the SH community at both the ACTFL and MLA conventions. I had the pleasure of filming some notable members who stopped by our booth. Check out what they had to say!

Alix Christie's First Novel

The world of type has captivated Alix Christie since the age of 16. Making her way from coastal California to London, via Germany, the author of the acclaimed debut novel "Gutenberg's Apprentice" is well-traveled. A Sabbatical Homes member since 2008, we were excited to learn about Christie's recent accomplishment! We had the opportunity to ask her about her writing process, travels around the globe, and friends she's made renting out her Berlin apartment to fellow academics using

2016 SH Book Fair

We enjoy highlighting our members' accomplishments. Have you written a book recently? We'd love to include your work in our 2016 Book Fair on our blog. Please email us and let us know!

Clean your Home for Guests

You made a match! Guests will soon be on their way to spend extended time at your home. Cleaning your home before they arrive is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a successful stay. To help you prepare your home, we've compiled a helpful cleaning checklist. The Sabbatical Homes scholarly community standard of clean: A+. 

Daydream with us...

This beautiful Berlin home is situated in an area of historic villas with gardens and in very close walking distance to the S-Bahn station Lichterfelde-West and shops/restaurants. The Free University and Kennedy School are just a short bike- or bus-ride away, Berlin-Mitte can be reached by S-Bahn in 20 minutes.


Top Contributors

Generous contributions from our members have helped keep the Sabbatical Homes community running. Without individuals like these, we wouldn't be able to continue our dedicated service to scholars. We would like to formally thank and recognize our top contributors! 

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