Packing the suitcases for summer travel!

AAA-choo! It's that time of year again--not allergy season, but time to dust off the suitcases. We're gearing up for summer travel. Like other academic families, summer term opens up possibilities to teach in new locations. One of the places we're excited to be visiting this summer is London. A wonderful city filled with rich history and story-telling. Fittingly, we will be happy to visit a few bookstores while we're there.

If you fancy leafing through the pages in London, check out these bookstores.

Discovers Japanese Sabbatical Home

American poet and author Patrick Donnelly is in the midst of a fellowship visit to Japan. The associate editor of Poetry International is currently enjoying his stay in a beautiful traditional Japanese home he found on SabbaticalHomes.com. Click here to read more about his work and travel experiences.  

Prepare now, relax later

Traveling to a new destination is exciting, but preparing for an extended time away can quickly become overwhelming. We'll help you streamline your planning with these 10 helpful tips.

First Impressions go a long way

An upcoming trip can be both exciting and exhausting. But searching for great accommodations shouldn't be a roadblock to getting on the road. One might feel that dashing off quick one-line notes to query about a few listings would be enough to get responses rolling back in. It's a common mistake,   

but one that you don't need to make. 

Q&A with the GWU Professor

Robert Entman is an expert in the area of framing public opinion and the media. A well-published author on the subject, his newest book concentrating on media biases is currently in the works. We recently caught up with Professor Entman for a brief Q&A

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Daydream with us...

This fabulous 3 bedroom Chapel Hill home is available for a late summer rental. Why not make a retreat where modernism meets old-world charm?

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We want to help make academic travel accessible for all levels of academia. Therefore SabbaticalHomes.com is working on developing a new scholarship intended to cover temporary housing costs for a graduate or doctoral student traveling for educational purposes.
If you're a grad student, be prepared. If you know a grad student, spread the word.
Be sure to check our blog for further information when it's available.
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