The Home Exchange Expert Weighs In...
Shelley Miller interviews our Founder.

Shelley Miller reveals her biggest secret, "With home exchanging you will never say, 'I wish we could afford to travel.' Instead you'll ask, 'Where should we go next?'."  We were so pleased when this up-and-coming author (Postcards From Home: Exchange the Home, Save the Family) recently interviewed our founder, Nadege Conger, for some tips on Home Exchanging. To read more click here.

Taking the Family on Sabbatical?
Here are some of our favorite resources...

Taking a sabbatical is a great opportunity for study, cultural immersion, and yes, sight seeing. Why not bring the family along? We have gathered a few resources, including: blogs, articles and websites to assist you in plotting your family adventure. To read more, click here. 


SabbaticalHomes.com's New Look
Be sure to check out our updated website.

SabbaticalHomes.com revealed a new look for 2013. Now's a great time to login, update your listing, and take a look at our new site. We're still hard at work inputting great ideas from our members and integrating new concepts to improve your user experience. Your feedback is always welcome.

More Than Just a Home Sitter Debra Beliso
One member's story of friendship.
SabbaticalHomes.com member Debra Deliso enjoys her work as an actor, teacher, director and writer in the greater Los Angeles area. Home Sitting brings her across the vast city and helps inspire her work. When fellow SabbaticalHomes.com member, Michele Druon, contacted Debra for a Home Sitting opportunity, it inspired a friendship. Read more about their special connection here.

Need a Hand Sorting it All Out?
Enter calm waters with these guidelines.

When it comes to entering an agreement with a third party a contract is essential to sorting out the details. We've created a few different sample agreement guideline documents specifically to help you out. To access them, click here.

How to Avoid Scams
Some helpful tips...

Nothing is more important than your safety and peace of mind. In the world of the Internet, scammers are an unfortunate reality. When searching for, or listing, a home online we advise you to take
some precautions, as you would with any important transaction.
For some helpful tips
click here.

Professors Need Vacations Too!
Check out our Summer Listings.

Now is the best time to start making summer plans. Whether you long to sit on the beach with a good book or tour the Italian countryside by bicycle, make your daydream a reality with SabbaticalHomes.com. Be sure to keep an eye out for our special Summer Listings section, coming soon!

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