Scholar's home in Paris, Scholar's Apartment in Central Paris
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"It's delightful to hear friends telling us (as if we didn't know) that this is the only site to use."
Professor Ruth Morse, University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7) Paris, France 

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IanDordogneHouseSabbaticalHome in Dordogne France
French Dream Home Created by Bicontinental Couple members make their homes available for a variety of reasons but one of the most unique might just come from Ian Johnson and his partner Ien Ang. They are living in two countries, Australia and France. When they are away from one of their homes, they rent it out as a means to fund their adventures at the other home. Not only that, these bicontinental travelers are renovating a dream home in France, one building at a time, with the help they get from their SabbaticalHomes connections.
Johnson and Ang, are "based" in Sydney, Australia, but Johnson had been attracted to the Perigord region of France since he was a teenager visiting there with family. In 2008, they were able to purchase property there that included multiple buildings and a wonderful old barn.Read on


FugitiveDenimCoverSabbaticalHomes is eager to feature the accomplishments of its members on its website. So many of you are doing exciting things that are of interest to our diverse community. We also hope that has been helpful in the successes our academics, writers and artists.

Rachel Snyder, in her book Fugitive Denim, examines the idea of sweatshop-free manufacturing, particularly in the production of denim jeans.
Her book is often referred to as the first character-driven approach to a study of the industry. "When it came time to write the trade stuff, if I started to nod off, I know it was time to get back to the stories, narratively speaking," explains Snyder. "I wanted it to be a book about how all these lives in all these countries--Bono in Ireland, garment workers in Cambodia, denim designers in Italy, auditors in China, are all connected to one another in very tangible ways." Read on


Scam Prevention at Scammers Lookout: We're Teaming Together to Stop Fraud
At, we take security very seriously. We are vigilant about screening emails to ferret out potential scammers before they can access our community of members. Unfortunately, we are not always successful as many scammers are so clever in deceiving others.

Our best partners in this process have turned out to be our members. We have had numerous tips from members who have encountered suspicious people in an email exchange and then alerted us to their existence. We can then block them from any further contacts via our site, stopping the fraud attempt before it happens. Read on


Small World Connections Connection Turns Into a Sale for One, Renewed Friendship for Another.


We get wonderful stories from our members about unique connections.
One of these comes from a member from Illinois, Kathleen Adams. She and her husband were toying with the idea of moving to a new house in their neighborhood when they got a inquiry about their rental. She mentioned that they might be selling it so it wouldn't be available for fall. The other couple were so taken with the house they came to see it the next day and agreed to buy it. "All in the space of 24 hours," said Adams, "we had an unplanned sale of our house and the purchase of a new one, thanks to"

Another wonderful story comes from Candace McCoy. She had had several inquiries about her home in Princeton. One happened to be from a young scholar who McCoy knew when the girl was just three-years-old and she had been friends with her parents but had lost touch. Now grown, she and her family agreed to rent the house and gave all of them a chance to reconnect. A small world, indeed! Read on


Arthur Evans from DePaul University in Paris with
Arthur Evans from DePaul University in Paris with
Last summer in France, Nadege caught up with Prof. Arthur Evans, acclaimed scholar of French author Jules Verne. Evans teaches French at DePauw University in Indiana and travels to France every summer to continue his research. Evans, a science fiction enthusiast, is also coeditor of the scholarly journal, Science Fiction Studies, and the recently published Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction. Nadege had a word with him about his yearly visits to France and his success using to facilitate his travels.


Thank you for your attention. Contact me to let me know how you enjoyed reading our stories and if you have ideas about new ones.
Nadege Conger
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