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DISTRICT 5 ROUNDUP                                                    December 7, 2012 

Dear Friends,


We are in the time of year when we celebrate family and friends with thanksgiving, joy and reflection.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or none of the above, it is a good time to reflect on the past year and what the future will bring.  This past year has been filled with great challenges and great rewards in the 5th District.  Here at the County we continue to struggle with reduced budgets and increased demands-but we can celebrate in spite of this, because we continue to provide great service and are often told by County residents how fortunate they feel to live here.


For those of us who are still so fortunate and still so blessed with many great gifts, I encourage you to give what you can to charities within your community.  However difficult we may find our own situations, it is important now and throughout the year to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  That help may take the form of a shared meal, a book read out loud, help with yard work and yes, even the traditional contribution to a faith or service organization of your choice.


Blessings of the Season on you and yours!


As always, if you don't wish to receive this newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time. I hope you find the information useful and I hope to see you out in the beautiful 5th District!


All My Best - Jennifer Montgomery
News & Announcements


SRA Fire Fee News

Board of Supervisors 


December 11th BOS Meeting - Tentative Agenda: 
Commendation for Dutch Flat Firefighters, Adoption of 2013 Legislative Platform, The Orchards at Penryn Final Hearing


January 8th BOS Meeting - Tentative Agenda: 
Headquarter RV Park Project Appeal, BOS Committee & Commission Appointments
January 22nd Meeting - Tentative Agenda:  Kings Beach Benefit Assesment District, Squaw Valley Update
MAC & Coffee Meetings
Interested in becoming a MAC member?  We are now accepting applications for many of the D5 MACs for the 2013-2015 term.  Click here for further information on the MACs and email if you are interested in serving.

Foresthill Forum - 12/3  agenda
Forum Member Terms and 2013 Planning, Placer County Water Agency Update, Update to County Website.

Meadow Vista MAC - 12/5 agenda
MAC Member Terms and 2013 Planning, Community Center Zoning, Update to County Website, MV Shaded Fuel Break and McElroy Roadside Clearing Project.

Squaw Valley MAC - 12/6 agenda
Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan and Phase 1A Project, Squaw Valley Timberline Twister, Recommendation on Cabin Creek Biomass Facility CUP

Auburn Coffee - 12/10, 9 am @ Depoe Bay

N. Auburn MAC - 12/11 - CANCELLED

Colfax Coffee - 12/12 - CANCELLED

WAC MAC - 12/12 agenda (RESCHEDULED)
MAC Member Terms and 2013 Planning, Community Center Zoning, Update to County Website, Radar Enforcement on County Roads
N. Tahoe RAC - 12/13
Recommendation on Cabin Creek Biomass Facility CUP

Foresthill Coffee - 12/24, 9 am @ The Veterans Memorial Hall 

Tahoe Coffee - 12/27, 9 AM @ Custom's House
Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council - December Meeting is Cancelled

for Updated Minutes and Agendas where available and to sign up for email notifications for any of the meetings listed above)


D5 Photos

Foresthill Bridge Project Photo Album - November 2012

Commemorative Coin Award Recognition of Mayumi Elegado Board of Supervisors Meeting November 20, 2012

Commemorative Coin Award Recognition of David Wiltsee Board of Supervisors Meeting November 20, 2012
Jen in Jean Jacket 

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Jennifer Montgomery
Office:  (530) 889-4010
Hm Office:  (530) 426-3762
Cell:  (530) 320-4663

Jocelyn Maddux
Office:  (530) 889-4010
Cell:  (530) 990-2505
Steve Kastan
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Cell:  (530) 308-0783

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