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 August 2014

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Our first "member focus" appears this month and highlights iia members who are involved in cobalt 60 production and supply. Next month will will focus on suppliers of electron beam and X-Ray equipment. 

We are please that iia members JSC Isotope and Harwell Laboratories have taken advantage of the opportunity to promote their business using the advertising banners in this newsletter and look forward to working with other members and organisations in future editions of the newsletter.

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CobaltMember Focus

Cobalt Suppliers  


This month we are focusing on members who are involved in the supply of cobalt 60, the source of ionizing radiation used in gamma irradiation facilities. Gamma irradiation remains an important technology and is used to sterilize approximately 40% of the world's single-use medical devices as well pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food packaging, food and a variety of industrial products. All significant commercial cobalt 60 suppliers are members of the Association. The suppliers are Nordion, JSC Isotope, Tongxing, BRIT and Gamma Services Recycling. Bruce Power and OPG (Ontario Power Generation Inc) in Canada are also members of iia. They are leading power companies and Cobalt 60 manufacturers.


Nordion based in Canada, is the world's leading supplier of cobalt 60. Their product, the C-188 cobalt pencil has been the industry standard for more than 40 years. All C-188 sources meet or exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements including those of the US NRC, CNSC and the IAEA. The majority of Nordion cobalt is manufactured in Canada. Nordion has an extensive fleet of lead and steel certified containers that meet all international shipping requirements. They have been supplying C-188 sources to customers throughout the world for more than 40 years.


JSC Isotope is the sole supplier of isotope products manufactured by enterprises of ROSATOM State Corporation in Russia.  JSC Isotope markets the GIK-A6 cobalt source manufactured by MAYAK producer of RSL 2089 Source. The GIK-A6 source is produced in accordance with international quality and safety standards and is supplied with the industry standard 20 year warranty. The GIK-A6 source design is interchangeable with the Nordion C-188 cobalt source and Reviss RSL 2089 source. 

Tongxing (Beijing) Nuclear Technology Company Limited is a joint venture of China Isotope and Radiation Corporation and The Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Company Limited. Tongxing specialize in the supply of cobalt 60 for industrial radiation processing and related services. The Tongxing CN-101 cobalt 60 source meets all ISO and IAEA safety standards for radiaoactive sources. The cobalt is manufactured at the Qinshan power plant and supplied to Chinese irradiation plants. 


BRIT (Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology) is a unit of the Department of Atomic Energy in India. BRIT is producing and supplying cobalt 60 sealed sources to irradiation plants in India and occasionally to overseas destinations. 

Gamma-Services Recycling GmbH is an established German company that works closely with JSC Isotope as a provider of services related to the GIK-A6 Russian cobalt source supply. Gamma-Services Recycling manufacture the R38 cobalt source which can be used in place of the REVISS RSL 1800 source. The R38 cobalt source has a special form approval with a maximum activity of 25 kCi.

Two of the leading power generating companies that are involved in the conversion of Cobalt 59 to Cobalt 60 are members of the Association. These companies are: Bruce Power Canada's first private nuclear generating company is based on a 23,000 acre site on the shores of Lake Huron. The second is Ontario Power Generation (OPG) which generates and supplies electricity in Ontario, Canada.

Further details can be found in the members directory on the iia website.


nicstarNICSTAR 2015

"Radiation Processing in a Changing World"


The International Irradiation Association (iia) and the National Association for Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation in Industry (NAARRI) are joining forces to organise NICSTAR 2015 which will be held in Mumbai, India in March 2015. 

The Conference and exhibition will address all forms of radiation processing. Further details about the conference will soon be available on the iia website. Companies wishing to exhibit at the conference should make contact with Yves Henon or Paul Wynne.


The 11th meeting of the ionizing radiation and polymers symposium, IRaP 2014 will be held in Jeju island, Korea between October 5th and 9th 2014. 


The IRaP 2014 meeting will provide participants an opportunity to meet and discuss science and new trends relating in the application of ionizing radiation in polymer chemistry and physics. The meeting will include nanotechnology, biopolymers, curing, membrane, lithography, polymer composites and radiation processing. It will also cover the fundamental knowledge and basic principles of radiation chemistry such as polymerization, crosslinking, chain scission, oxidation and evolving research topics.

The International Irradiation Association (iia) supports the conference and will, once again, be making a Scientific Award in order to support and encourage scientific research. At IRaP 2011, which was held in Cracow Poland, recipients of the award were Gustavo Varca and Senta Reichlet. Gustavo is now a member of the operational iia team and will represent the Association in Korea. The iia Award Committee will be led by Paul Minbiole of EB Services. Paul will be supported by Dr Nho co-chair of the IRaP 2014 Organising Committee and Gustavo Varca.

An Early Bird rate applies to registrations made before 31 August 2014. Registrations can be made via the IRaP website: www.irap2014.org

nutechNUTECH 2014 


NUTECH 2014 is a continuation of the National Symposia on Applications of Nuclear Techniques in Industry, Agriculture, Medicine and Environment Protection, which have been held in Poland since 1960. 

NUTECH meetings are held at approximately three year intervals. From 2008 the symposia has attracted an international audience.The NUTECH conference provides a platform for the nuclear science community to share the experience and to learn about the recent developments in nuclear research and its practical application. 

To register and to receive more information visit the event website: www.nutech2014.com
astmASTM Dosimetry Workshop

The latest ASTM Dosimetry workshop was held at Keble College Oxford between the 3-7 August 2014. Co-Chairs of the workshop were Emily Craven (Nordion) and Dave Pymer (Harwell Dosimeters). 

Participation met expectations with 45 attendees and 14 lecturers who came from Europe, North and South America and Asia. There was a good mix of experience and youth with first time attendees working alongside returning participants. Martell Winters (Nelson Laboratories) a first time attendee was keen to expand his knowledge of dosimetry whilst Cherin Balt (Hepro) wanted to consolidate and build on the skills that she gained whilst attending the last workshop. 

The workshop was interactive and addressed topics that included the effects of influence quantities, an introduction to statistics, calibration, dose mapping Gamma, X-Ray (Bremsstrahlung) and Electron, process control and regulatory matters. A group photo of the participants along with an image of Keble College Oxford, UK, appears at the base of this newsletter. The Chair of ASTM working group E61 is John Logar of J&J.
iiaiia Communications


An increasing number of people are registering as members of the International Irradiation Forum on LinkedIn. The Forum can be found by searching under the groups tab on LinkedIn. Please share the newsletter with other people within your organisation and encourage them to register to receive the newsletter directly.
foodFood Irradiation Update. 


On the 3rd July we reported (on the iia website) that food made safe by irradiation was being used to feeds landslide victims in Indonesia. The dishes were sealed in pouches and exposed to ionising radiation, which eliminates any microorganisms that could spoil the food, enabling it to be transported to the affected region and stored at room-temperature for a long time without going bad. The full article can be accessed by taking the link from the news item on our website.


On the 17th July information and links to the IAEA/FAO Food and Environmental Protection Newsletter was posted on the iia website. The newsletter is prepared by the Food and Environmental Protection Section, Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture and FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory Seibersdorf. Visit the iia website for links to the publication.


On the 24th of July iia posted news and links to a variety of educational information produced by Nordion and which aims to enhance public awareness and understanding of food irradiation.


The Department of Technical Cooperation of the IAEA held the first meeting of a four year project for the Latin America and Caribbean region in Mexico City between 28th July and the 1st August 2014. The project aims to facilitate the use of electron beam and X-rays for food irradiation in the nine participating countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. 


There are currently 17 electron beam facilities in the region, none of which are capable of producing X-ray. Eight of these are in-house facilities used for polymer modification (cables and tires). Five facilities, of which four are in-house, are used exclusively for medical devices sterilization. Small quantities of food are treated in two facilities (in Brazil and Ecuador) which process approximately 100 tons out of an estimated 37,500 tons of food irradiated in the region.

otherOther News 
  • Sterigenics/Nordion. Sterigenics completed the acquisition of Nordion on 6th August 2014. Nordion will operate independently of Sterigenics and will have two divisions: Sterilisation headed by Scott McIntosh (President) and Medical Isotopes headed by Tom Burnett (President).
  • World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). iia will be attending a WINS workshop in Paris - End of Life Management of Radioactive Sources - 17 & 18 September 2014. This is an important topic for the irradiation community. We will provide members of the Association with and update after the event.
  • New iia Members. Six new members have joined the Association in 2014 and we currently have two pending members. We will profile the new 2014 members in the next newsletter 
datesKey Diary Dates 

  • Sterihealth Workshop. Neue Möglichkeiten zur effektiven Vor-Ort-Sterilisation. Fraunhofer Institute, Germany 16 September 2014. The workshop will be conducted in German
  • Nutech 2014. Development and Application of Nuclear Technologies, Warsaw, Poland, 21-24 September 2014
  • IRaP 2014. Jeju Island, Korea, 5-9 October 2014.
Attendees at the ASTM course at Keble College Oxford, UK

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The iiA board: John Masefield - Chairman (Executive Advisor Steris - USA), Andrzej Chmielewski (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology - Poland), Kenneth Hsiao (Dasheng - China), Joyce Hansen (Johnson & Johnson - USA), Byron Lambert (Abbott Vascular - USA), Scott Mcintosh (Nordion - Canada), Dave Meyer (Sterigenics -USA), Paul Wynne (iia - United Kingdom).


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