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 July 2014


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Sterilisation of Medical Devices
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Editor's Comment 


The importance of an industry association increases during periods of change. News that Reviss was ceasing to trade and that Sterigenics are acquiring Nordion resulted in the Association being contacted by members seeking information and clarification. During recent weeks we met with JSC Isotope who are replacing Reviss as supplier of Russian cobalt. We were able to provide members with information about key contacts at JSC as well as answering questions and undertaking enquiries on their behalf. We are pleased that JSC Isotope along with Gamma Services Recycling have become members of iia. Details about both companies will shortly be posted in the members listing on the iia website.


BRIT (iia Member in India) has announced that they have installed two new gamma plants. In other parts of the world several new plants are known to be under consideration but decisions are being delayed until the impact recent industry developments becomes clear. 


There is a growing interest in X-Ray technology. Nutek (iia Member based in San Francisco) has recently announced that they are building a new X-Ray, electron beam, and ethylene oxide facility and IBA (also a iia Member) have announced that they are delivering a Rhodotron DUO (X-Ray and electron beam machine) to Austria. Interest in electron beam technology is also increasing as evidenced by comments made at a recent IAEA meeting which was attended by a broad international group of users and suppliers. 


In this refreshed format newsletter we are introducing a section that will allow us to highlight the work of member organisations and that will offer limited advertising opportunities for those who wish to promote their businesses to our expanding readership. 


Paul Wynne

Editor: pwynne@iiaglobal.com 

Cobalt Supply. 


News that Sterigenics are acquiring Nordion and that Reviss is ceasing to trade raised questions for those operating in the industry. 


The announcement that Sterigenics had reached a definitive agreement to acquire Nordion at the end of March was followed by a series of further announcements as the purchase price was increased in response to an approach by a unspecified third party. On the 2nd June Nordion announced that the latest revised offer from Sterigenics was US$ 805m, US$ 13 per share. This was subsequently approved by Nordion shareholders on 6 June. The transaction was subject to a number of approvals. The process is on-going but the approvals are being received and the transaction expected to be completed during the next few months. Readers who require more information about the transaction should visit the iia website and follow the links to various press releases that have been made and which provide detailed information about the transaction.


As reported iia held discussions with JSC Isotope. A general briefing paper about cobalt supply and JSC Isotope was prepared. This was made available for members and can be accessed by visiting the iia website. 


Information about JSC Isotope and Gamma Services Recycling along with their contact details will shortly appear on the iia website in the members listing.

Sterilisation of Medical Devices.



The International Irradiation Association has had a longstanding interest in the SAL (sterility assurance level) required to demonstrate sterility in radiation sterilised medical devices. Over recent years this has been expressed via concerns over the impact of a SAL requirement of 10ˆ- 6 on the ability to terminally radiation sterilise advanced and combination products (device / pharmaceutical / biologic). 


The Association has held a number of workshops to focus attention on both the SAL question and to explore the practical aspects of enabling this group of products to tolerate a terminal radiation sterilization process. 


Concern continues to been expressed by iia members and others over their inability to terminally sterilize some products to a SAL of 10ˆ- 6 without detrimental effects on quality or stability. As a consequence manufacturers must sometimes consider aseptic manufacturing processes. The cost impact and the apparent differences in requirements for aseptic manufacture vs terminal sterilisation are the subject of ongoing discussion.


Whilst the requirement for sterility in aseptically manufactured sterile healthcare products and for terminally sterilised healthcare products are the same (i.e. the absence of viable micro-organisms), there are fundamental practical differences in approach and in the requirements that need to be satisfied in demonstrating the degree of assurance delivered by these alternative manufacturing approaches. 


As we have previously reported iia believes that progress is being made. Readers (especially healthcare companies) who are interested in these matters, and who are not already iia members, are encourage to join the Association and to engage in the discussion and debate. 
iia Communications


The International Irradiation Association website has recently been updated and refreshed. Further changes are planned over the coming months. 


The International Irradiation Forum (established as a Group on LinkedIn) is proving to be a valuable communication tool particularly for those who want to remain up-to-date and to receive e-mails notifying them of news. For readers who do not visit the iia website frequently registering as a member of the Forum could be an excellent way to ensure that they do not miss important information or events relating to the industry. 


The newsletter is being read by a growing number of people. The readership has increased by more than a third during the past twelve months. We are looking forward to using the newsletter to raise the profile of our members. We would encourage you to circulate the newsletter internally and to encourage colleagues to register to receive the newsletter directly. To register for the newsletter visit the iia website homepage and follow the link. 


Each Member organisation has a generic login and access code that can be used to access the Members Only Area. Codes are no longer person specific. The code for each organisation has been given to the key or administrative contact. If you have any problem obtaining your login and access codes from internal sources please contact a member of the iia team.


IRaP 2014 - Korea. 


The International Irradiation Association will once again contribute a Scientific Award at IRaP 2014 (Ionizing Radiation and Polymers). The Award will be granted to the student/students who will have presented the best novel research in the field of polymer science. The Award will include an invitation to attend and present at the next International Meeting on Radiation Processing - IMRP 2016 together with a travel bursary.

The IRaP 2014 meeting will be held on Jeju Island, Korea between the 5 and 9th October 2014. The deadline for submitting Abstracts is 15th July 2014. Visit the IRaP 2014 website for more information. 


IAEA - Development of New Applications of Machine Generated Food Irradiation Technologies 

24 representatives from 18 organisations and 12 counties were involved in the formulation of an IAEA project to evaluate the issues related to a wider use of electron beam and x-ray technology for food irradiation. More information is available in the Members Only area of the iia website.


Other News. 
  • Sterigenics has announced that it is investing more than US$ 10m to expand ethylene oxide sterilisation facilities in Atlanta and Dallas (USA) and Petit Rechain (Belgium). 
  • IBA has announced that it will deliver a Rhodotron DUO for electron beam and x-ray processing to Mediscan GmbH.
  • BRIT have announced the completion of two new gamma facilities in India. The facilities will be operated by independent companies. One facility will focus on medical products whilst the other will process food products.
  • Nutek have announced plans to open a new combined E-beam, X-ray and ethylene oxide facility in San Francisco, USA. The new facility is scheduled to open in March 2015.
  • ASTM registration for the ASTM 8th International Workshop on Dosimetry for Radiation Processing closed on the 30 June 2014. This is a very popular workshop focusing on the application of dosimetry in industrial applications. It includes sessions on Dosimetry system selection, calibration, dose mapping and process control. The workshop will be held at the beautiful Keble Colleague, Oxford from 3-7 August 2014.
  • NUTECH the draft programme for the event is now available. NUTECH will be held in Warsaw, Poland between 21 and 24 September 2014.
Key Diary Dates 

  • Nutech 2014. Development and Application of Nuclear Technologies, Warsaw, Poland, 21-24 September 2014.
  • IRaP 2014. Jeju Island, Korea, 5-9 October 2014.


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Editor: Paul Wynne


The iiA team consists of Paul Wynne (United Kingdom) - Director and General Manager, Yves Henon (Thailand) - Deputy General Manager, John Newcombe (Secretary and Treasurer - United Kingdom) ). Representatives - John Woolston (United Kingdom), Gustavo Varca (Brazil) and Shamshad Ahmed (Pakistan)


The iiA board: John Masefield (Executive Advisor Steris - USA), Andrzej Chmielewski (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology - Poland), Kenneth Hsiao (Dasheng - China), Joyce Hansen (Johnson & Johnson - USA), Byron Lambert (Abbott Vascular - USA), Scott Mcintosh (Nordion - Canada), Dave Meyer (Sterigenics -USA), Paul Wynne (iia - United Kingdom).


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