Check out our newest website Rollover enhancement!

Volume 10 Issue 19 May 9, 2016

New Website Enhancement
Rollover link now included on the agent selection menu!

Agents who have active rollovers with Wright Flood now have a central location to easily locate and access all things rollover related. 

The new Rollover link on the agent website menu gives the agent a one-click gateway to track rollover policies for billings and conversions using selected date criteria.  A feature inside in the Rollover link is the new Report Overview, which offers a quick first look at policy totals such as premium billed, policies paid, policies converted, and policies needing additional information.

Also, agents can access additional detailed report information from the direct links listed on the bottom of the Report Overview.  To see more ways our Rollover enhancements work for you....
We value your suggestions and ideas to improve our website ....keep them coming.  

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