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FLoodlines  Spring 2016
April 1, 2016 NFIP Changes: 
April 2016 NFIP Program Changes are upon us, and we have created several helpful tools and resources available to guide you through these reforms.  The Wright Flood Summary of changes which provides a focused view of FEMA's multi-attachment bulletin, and Flood Communication which highlights the central points addressed in the April 2016 NFIP Changes On-Demand webinar available on our agent website webinar registration page, In addition, we created the Agent Action Items and Talking Points handout from our March 2016 live webinar that provides a road map to guide you through conversations with your clients about what to expect as of April 1, 2016...and beyond.
Stay tuned for additional updates and clarifications on the April 2016 reforms. Once information is published by the NFIP, Wright Flood will provide additional resources to deliver these updates to you.  As always, we value your loyalty to Wright Flood and are here to help with all your flood insurance needs!                            
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We Auto-Convert...so you don't have to!

At Wright Flood, our process makes it easier for agents to focus on retaining policies and selling new policies at time of a community.map change. Whether the flood zone changes from a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) to a Preferred Risk (PRP) zone, or a PRP moving to the Newly Mapped Procedure, Wright Flood does the conversion of the policy...so you don't have to!        
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Map Changes:  What to say and do when a flood zone changes

Flooding can happen anywhere, especially when considering nature's unpredictability.  What is predictable, however, is an area's potential to encounter the damaging effects of a flood. So, when a community undergoes a map change, the  Floodsmart Map Change Toolkit can help you explain the resulting effects of a change in flood zone to current and prospective clients., and how to take action to ensure proper insurance coverage is in place to protect property owners from even the most unpredictable flooding event! 
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Renewal Conversion vs. Rollover

When bringing business to Wright Flood one policy at time, or rolling over an entire book of business to us from another carrier, our service teams are here to provide you with a successful transition.  Check out procedures for a  policy conversion at renewaland see how it differs from a rollover of multiple policies from an entire book to ensure a timely transaction for your clients.

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Excess Express...
Get on Board!

If federal flood coverage is not enough to cover the full
replacement cost of a home and its contents, Wright
Excess Flood offers an added layer of protection against devastating flood loss. Take charge with these Top 3 Quick Tips to getting excess coverage added to an underlying NFIP  policy.
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Wright Flood CE-xcellence

Aristotle once said "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit". Here at Wright we go above and beyond to bring a level of comfort and knowledge to our agents to better equip them to sell the flood products.   Check out our program highlights and learn how to find out about current Wright Flood Continuing Education opportunities available  in your area...

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Flood Safety Awareness 2016

Springtime is flood time--Don't get caught unprepared!  Melting snow and heavy rains make this a time of year to be aware-and prepare for a potential flood event in your area.  Help your clients be mindful of the dangers related to flooding and provide resources to educate them on protective actions, such as purchasing flood insurance before the next flood occurs.

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