Volume 9 Issue 31 August 24, 2015

Another Website Improvement:  Application Process Enhancements

Diagram Number: When quoting with an elevation certificate (EC), after selecting the diagram number, the system will now display information to help you visualize the selection including a building description for that diagram number, distinguishing features, a sketch and sample photo with markings to show building features that correspond to the elevation certificate figures.For examples 
The New Quote page will now reflect both the current flood zone and flood risk/rated zone. Previously, the current flood zone information was only identified on the application after payment had been selected.For examples 
The New Business Payment section will now display the waiting period and effective date along with the payment transaction information.   A handy link is also built-in there to allow a change to the waiting period if an adjustment is needed. For examples
If there are questions, please contact Flood Customer Service at 800-820-3242.
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