Volume 9   Issue 34  September 3, 2015

Primary Residence Status Updated from Public Records

Just a little good news to brighten your day!
Using public records, Wright Flood has been able to update the Primary Residence status of a great number of policies renewing after 10/25/2015. 
The automated update just completed on selected policies:
  • Is accepted by the NFIP and meets the HFIAA requirement
  • Allows the HFIAA Surcharge to be dropped to $25 for those deemed to be the primary residence of the named insured or the insured's spouse
  • Requires no further notice be sent to policyholders or any further response from the agent or insured.
Important Note:Primary Residence verification continues to be required for the remaining renewal policies listed on the Primary Residence tab as public records are not available for every policy location across the country. 
Without the Primary Residence documentation, the HFIAA Surcharge is applied at $250 as required by legislation.  The Notice to Policyholders about Primary Residence will continue to be sent prior to renewal of these policies.
Please contact Flood Customer Service at 800-820-3242 with any questions.




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