FloodLines    Spring   2015
Snowstorms, Snow Melt, Spring Thaw...Oh My!

Winter Flood Risks:  Are your clients covered?


All those piles and piles of snow on the nightly news-ever wonder where it will go when Spring comes?


With a high awareness of flooding, and Spring snow melt, now is the time to cross sell flood insurance to all your property clients.  Don't miss the chance to build your flood business with Wright Flood tools and resources.


Get started on some strategies to reach out your clients to offer flood insurance.  

Here's what you can do to communicate the advantages of flood insurance to your homeowners or business property insureds regarding winter's risks for spring flooding: 

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Wright Flood offers you layers of service when and how you need it--but what method is best?  Well, it's all about you!


For a closing-when you need it fast---Call Customer Service for help with a quote or a last minute lender clause modification.  They can get you through it quickly.


Sending in documents---Always use File Upload-so it puts your info into the policy file as well as into line for workflow management.  Be sure to choose accurate labels on uploaded documents so your work is automatically sent for processing.


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Primary vs. Principal:  Identifying the Percentage of ResidencyPrimary


 Do the selection options on the percentage of residency drop-down menu have you wondering which percentage to select?

To learn the difference between Primary residence for Rating and Principal residence for Claims...                  read more


Large commercial risks often have inaccurate records of flood coverage, have it scattered among several carriers and could

be paying more while getting less coverage.

Serve complex commercial risks with Wright Flood Insurance and you gain value added benefits: consolidated low cost flood coverage tailored to their specific needs, increase new business revenue and create lifetime clients that value your expertise.  We are the commercial flood insurance specialists.

If your handle large commercial risks, and would like to offer more value.......

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Dare... to become aware!Dare


NOAA's National Weather Service Flood Safety Awareness Week!


Knowing what to do before and after a flood will help you stay safe if a flood occurs in your area.


Check out resources, educational materials, and interactive flood map on the Flood Safety page of the National Weather Service website.


 In this issue:


 Winter Flood Risks: Are your clients covered?


 Need it fast...call Customer Service 


 Primary vs. Principal: Identifying Percentage of Residency 


 Tame the commercial flood insurance dragon--contact Wright Flood 



PreparePrepare your business for disaster 

Employers can find valuable information in the

Prepare Your Organization Playbooks;   from America's PrepareAthon! These Playbooks are a step-by-step guide to help business owners hold preparedness discussions and table top exercises in the workplace. Find playbooks to prepare your organization for six hazards and start planning today!   

Download from FEMA's library:   How to Prepare for a Flood

Excerpt from FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness e-Brief/March 6, 2015


WhyBuyWhy buy Flood? 


When people think, "It can't happen to me".....

Watch this video to see how a beautiful restaurant 16 feet above the river is affected by spring flooding.  They had flood insurance and were able to rebuild...twice.


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