Volume 8     Issue 34    Oct 10, 2013

Check Policy Snapshot Screen to Find Policy Rated as:


Enhancements to the Wright Flood Policy Snapshot screen are adding a new line to the
Rates section including:  This policy is rated as:  offering additional information to help agents determine if the policy is rated with one of the following types of NFIP rating: 
  • Provisional rates
  • Tentative rates
  • Emergency Program rates
  • Pre-FIRM Subsidized rates,
  • Full Risk rates,
  • Preferred Risk Policy rates,
  • Preferred Risk Eligibility Extension Program rates
  • Mortgage Portfolio Protection Program rates

Check out the Policy Snapshot page in the upper right column titled Rates

For more information, please contact Wright Flood Customer Service at 1-800-820-3242, or via Live Support on agent portal.  For Wright Flood Marketing or your RSM, please call 866-373-5663.
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