Volume 8   Issue 19  June 13, 2014           

Update your Agency Files for E&O Insurance, W-9 and Electronic Policy Delivery online--only a mouse-click away!


New  features are now available through Wright Flood's agent portal to allow agents to keep their agency files up to date.  

Down the left menu, under the Agent heading, access Agent Maintenance, where you now can: 

  1. Arrange to receive policy documents electronically-Go Green!
  2. Update your agency W-9 form online or through file upload.
  3. Keep your E&O Insurance file current through file upload.


1.  Choose your electronic policy document delivery from the following options:  
  • PDF Individual- An individual email with a PDF for each policy document generated that day.
  • PDF Package- An email with one PDF of all of your policy forms generated for that day.
  • Links Via Email- Email with a link that will access all of your policies documents to download.

To support your green efforts, Wright Flood also offers IDOCS: A central location where links to your policy documents remain for your access by date and insured name for the following 60 days.  IDOCS are located online, on the main page, left hand menu.  


2.  Complete your agency W-9 under Agency Maintenance or upload a new one:  
Choose your method to submit tax information, either complete it online or upload your existing W-9.



3.  Update your E&O Insurance through policy upload direct to your agency file: 


Keeping your E&O Insurance up to date with Wright Flood is now so much easier.  A new feature will allow you to browse into your electronic files and attach the current E&O declarations page and upload to your agency file electronically.  A pop-up reminder will display when your E&O insurance is expired as a reminder.

That pop up reminder is shown below:



For more information, please contact Agency Services at agencyservices@weareflood.com or your RSM at Wright Flood Marketing, 866-373-5663.




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